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    Also dont forget that one person here is a chef by trade.

    Went to a place called D.i.cks Last Resort in Boston MA.

    4 of us ate here and the order was

    Myself ordered the half rack of ribs meal 14.00 (babyback)

    Chicken tenders

    bowl of NE clam chowder

    Philly cheesesteak

    plus drinks

    Total was 73$ with a 9$ tip

    My meal first was more like a quarter rack not a half...end of the bone was very fatty and unedible and the rest of it was not fall off the bone..was chewy...a guy sitting behind me ordered a full rack and it looked like for some reason he got st. louis ribs cause they were twice as thick and looked like a full rack...

    Chicken tenders .... Dry

    Chowder ... one pice of clam ... all potato

    Philly Cheesesteak... was told it was good but he didnt eat every bite of it and for the size and the price of it I coulda make 8 of them with a package of shaved rib eye...

    Overall id give this place 1 1/2 stars out of 5 give the price and the what we had I wouldnt go back or recommend it.

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