Boston butt

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tommy c

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Jun 23, 2006
Well guys, I've begun marinading the butt as Noah suggested in my first thread. I got a 10# bone in butt. ( I've seen smaller turkeys ) lol.....I'm begining to get nervous though. My maverick thermometer was supposed to be here monday, and still nothing. Must be coming by wagon.
Although this should be in a different thread...can someone tell me how to use the emotion faces? Seems I could find good use of these somtimes! Thanks in advance.

If you want to use an emotion face (emoticon) just click the one you want to the left of the posting box and it will put some text in which will be converted to the face when you hit preview or submit.

Once you learn the text code that makes the face you could just type it in if you like instead of clicking the actual face.
If there is a way to calibrate it, I didn't see it. I guess you could figure exactly how much it is off and then just add or subtract those degrees. Mine is around 10 degrees hot so I could just subtract 10 degrees. Or, I could just return it and hope the next one works better.
how did you know that it was off by 10 degrees? I am new to this and I was wondering because I purchased a gauge that I installed on my ECB and I was going to purchase a digital to see if there is a difference.

You can check the calibration of any thermometer by checking in boiling water. Boiling water is 212F no matter how long it's been boiling.
It is great to find out all this information. I am going to boil some water right now and see how off my gauge is. My wife thinks I am crazy.
If your thermometer doesn't come in time, don't be afraid to use one of those cheap analog oven thermometers. I always keep one around, as like anything else, the gadgets can alway crap out at the wrong time. Anyway, with that Klose cooker, you have all you need to turn out great Q! Good luck,
They are cheap and reliable. I have 6 of them.

Like Noah says, but add a few :)

I have a large vertical, so the variations in shelf height are more than across a horizontal, but Noah's tip holds true.

Get some cheapies.

I use both them, and the probes
Thanks guys. My Klose is at 210 right now and I thought I'd spend a few mins. here. My temp probe has not arrived, and I wondered if using the oven type would be a good fit. I was thinling last night that I should of presented this idea yesterday! As proof that this is the greatest forum on the web....All of you were nice enough to cover my back.
Thanks again, I think I'll go check my temp. And Noah, I have thin blue smoke right off the bat :D
As long as your thermometer has a glass face and not plastic it will work fine. I have a couple that I use all the time.
Glad to see someone else is up havin' coffee :D Cajun, I'm not sure if its glass? Tapping on it doesn't give any clues. I figure I'll find out soon :oops:
Glad to see you cookin' Tommy. Cajun is dead on about the thermo face. At the temps your cooking at, you shouldn't burn the face, but they stain and become unreadable pretty quick. Don't forget to post some pics.
learned early not to get mopp overspray on the lense for that reason. Could I wipe the lense off without cracking it? Wouldn't want broken glass to ruin the first smoke :(
I heard someone say that you can smear a thin coat of dishwashing soap on the glass of an oven thermometer before using it in the smoker and when you're through cooking the glass cleans up very easily.
Well.... it's been 13 hours now since i put the roast on and it looks incredible! :D I 've been pickin' and eatin' bark for some time now. The oven thermometer is so black it's unreadable so I'm wrapping in foil for a couple hours and then coolering for one more. Then i'm going to pull and use some of soflaquers finishing sauce, and in the frig. till tomorro, and then reheat for my sons 4th b-day party :P I'll let ya all know the results and have pics as soon as possible! THANKS fo everyones input! You guys ROCK! :D
That's great man. Black oven tthermometers sound like a pretty good sign :D .

Happy birthday to your baby by the way. Enjoy them every moment that you can. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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