Boston Butt-Pulled Pork

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tommy c

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Jun 23, 2006
I'm planning to smoke my first 10# butt on 7/8. I've seen alot of good info. and I appreciate everyones ideas. O.K............225 degrees. How many hours per #? I should rub first? Fat cap down? Wrap in foil last two hours? Do I baste at all during cooking? Or just leave it smoke. Also, I saw a recipe for Jeffs finishing sauce..could I baste with that? Or should I use it, as it says....just for finishing? Sorry i'm really green! And trying to learn.
Hi Tommy.. I'd say about 1 1/2 hours per lb... I cook with the fat cap down. I baste with apple juice about every 20 to 30 minutes or so. I put the rub on first. I hope this helps some.
Thanks Joe for the info. You say you mopp every 20-30 min? Don't you lose alot of heat by opening the smoker that much?
Tommy, I have a firebox on the side.. So when i add wood I usually mop .. You do lose heat, yes .. but if the coals are hot enough it should bring the temp back up in a short time. Each time you open the smoker you lose heat and smoke.. I wish there was a better way to mop.. I think Earl "Dutch" did a shoulder that he didn't mop and he said it came out great .. The question is to mop or not to mop. I posted pics of my shoulder in the "Pork Section"
I let mine go a while before mopping. I like to let the rub crust up before washing it away. I usually just spray with apple cider. Maybe once an hour. Sometimes I foil, sometimes not. I just depends on how the bark is looking. Once it gets to the color I like, then I foil. If it stays light, I may not foil. The last butt I did was about 8 pounds. I put it on at 5:30 am and took it off at 8:00 pm. Just cook until your desired internal temp. I usually cook mine to 200-205 for pulling.
Thanks guys! When you talk about "bark" i'm assume it's the crust on the outside? What should I look for or try to accomplish.
Hey Tommy, Joe, and Mystic,

Go to This Thread and add permanent signatures to your posts that include all the smokers and grills you use.

We can answer your questions alot easier knowing what you use.

I see Joe uses an offset from his post, but don't know what your using Tommy.


Its great how you guys are joining up and jumping in to post. Plenty of good folks looking to help you.

And thats a fine looking bark Joe, and I too am a fat cap down on butts and briskets to protect the meat from the heat.

Have a good one
As for bark, I try not to get the "burned up" look. A dark tan / light brown is good for me. I mop/spray every hour during the cook, and spray REAL heavy when I wrap in foil.
It's all a matter of preference.. when you put the rub on, when and if you mop, wrap in foil or not.. I like the black bark in my pulled pork..
Tommy, I don't remember if anyone posted this already, but the number one guide for the backyard Que'er is how well his family likes the taste.

Joe that is some good looking pulled pork
Tommy, Gary is right.. it's all in how you like it.. Some like ribs with a li'l pull, others don't.. Just remember a light blue smoke.. and patience ..

Gary, Thanks, next time I'll e-mail out doggie bags .. lol .. The pulled pork was as light as a feather ..

Thanks again Joe, I'm going to try some "Wicked good charcoal" the competition blend. Anyone ever try this stuff? It's lump coal from, i believe, south america? The coal itself, is no longer available because the country of origin has stopped cutting down the endangered trees use to make this blend of coal, however, i was able to locate about 40 bags of this stuff in a warehouse here in Wisconsin. They do, however, produce a "weekend warrior" blend which is supposed to be a good coal also. This coal is supposed to burn a long time.
Hey Tommy, I neve heard of it before "Wicked good Charcoal" ... I use Cowboy brand and one other brand I get when I go up to NH. Is it expensive? You gace me an idea.. we have a mill not to far away from me that has lots of exotic woods <very hard woods> from all over the world.. I'm going to do some research on this.. wouldn't want to use some wood that would give me an off flavor .. I live in the city so I don't think the folks would enjoy me trying to make charcoal .. lol
Joe, I have some great websites for you and anyone else looking to find and compare hardwood coal.
3. ( this site is awsome!!!!!!)
You can't get ''Wicked good competition blend" anymore but, they make a "weekend warrior blend." The nice thing about the competition blend was that it does'nt impart alot of flavor. Then you could add your own flavors while smokin'! Lots of good info at is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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