boston butt for pullin

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Jun 28, 2007
Well Tossed a 9# butt on at 900 pm friday. Will have it for lunch tomorrow. Going to make my first batch of ABT today 2:34 AM right now. Checked on the butt and there was a tear in the foil on my loaf pan and then the wind stopped so a little to much smoke kind of creosote on the bottom. Will post pics later today.Can't wait to try my new abt holder from cabelas.
No such thing as too much smoke.

of course, once meat internal temp reaches past 140*, the pores shut up and do not accept much more of it.
I like your signature Flash, got it hang'n on my peg board.

I do have a question, I've always heard the smoke ring is set by 140*, but will keep take'n smoke flavor in as long as it is exposed to smoke. I've heard this on many different sites from many people. Are they wrong? What have you learned on this?

I tested this theory with 3 boston butt. the first one i smoked for the whole time. the second one i smoked for 140 deg. there was not a big difference.This butt was on smoke till 145 DEG then the propane went empty finished in the oven and foil. We will see how that works. I do not have a ton of smokes under my belt yet but I keep trying different things. Now I did notice a difference with fattys. The smoke was a little stronger in the one that was in the smoke the whole time. I am having a hard time getting the smoke where i want it to be in my gosm. I am trying chunks with this butt and my ABT's . when I said there ws too much smoke I meant that the wind let down and the smoke was stagnent. Got some tounge numbing creosote on the bottom but there is a good crust on the meat so hopefully only have to lose the bottom crust.

the meat will take take on some smoke flavor the whole time it is in smoke, the smoke rings quits forming after the meat has hit ~140°. i leave my meat in the smoke the whole time it is in the smoker. if i want less smoke flavor (for some odd reason, eg. company that doesn't like a heavy smoke flavor) i will finish it in the oven after foiling. i use wood for my fuel, hence smoke the whole time.

btw, catfish. how much rain y'all get last night? we got 2" at my work in the first wave. then it started again about 30 minutes later. we didn't check the rain gauge after the first time. i rode my bike to work last night too! i need to go get it, as i prefer it to be parked in my garage.
looks good. i wish i had a big butt to smoke tomorrow.

my ABT's don't come out tough. i smoke them for 3 hours at 225°. how long did you smoke yours?
smoked the ABT's for about 3 hours they were rubbery tasty but rubbery at 225 DEG by the gosm temp gauge which matches my digital thermo also.

We only had like half inch or so it was hard but fast yall' were getting blasted. When not smoking watching the weather channel.
maybe smoke them a little less than 3 hours next time. i experimented with ABT's some, and found 2.5 hours better (for me). my daughter likes them in there for 3 hours though, so i do them for the full 3.

yeah, we got hammered with the rain. i get off work at 11pm, and our lights went out at 10:30, and came back on in about 1 minute. it is a nightmare when the lights go off at work. well, when they come back on is the real nightmare. have to re-light the furnaces, which can be problemsome. i went and got my bike today. felt good riding home.

Gonna try a few different times with them this week. Going to look for a milder pepper for the wife also.

When we get a good storm my whole side of ft hood goes out. just our side though. I think they use the storm as a excuse to save money on the power bill. LOL can't blame them if this is so
Honestly Al I heard it from a Texas Pitmaster and he has done many competitions. Have I ever read it anywhere "no" I have not. I do believe there has to be a cut off point somewhere where no more smoke really is accepted. I gotta admit, even when I have guest around, I still throw alittle wood on the fire for effect, even in the late stages of the smoke.
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