boot leather and a christmas prime rib..

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Nov 2, 2005
Beautiful Long Beach, CA

well i haven't posted since my last smoke and the brisket i cooked, well.. just take off that 'ole leather shoe and give it a go.. hahaha.. :oops:

well we live and learn. i smoked the thing to death! i kept the temp dowe to 200 - 210 and smoked for 4 hours, then just used the smoker as an oven for another 2 hours. ANYway.. the baby backs came out great (my saving grace that evening)

soo, tomorrow yes the 26th.., i'll be smoking a prime rib. this time, i'll be going by temp only. we purchased a 3 1/2 lb. roast. the roast will be rubbed in mustard and jeff's rub, then smoking for 3 to 3 1/2 hours at a temp of 250 Or until the center comes up to 140 or so.

hoping that your all having a GREAT day,

the prime rib turned out a little too smokey for my wife and son. next time i do a prime rib i'll only smoke for an hour or so, then i'll stop smoking and just bring the rib upto temp.

as for the brisket, i just baked it too long. you have to have a temp probe in the meat and when the meat comes up to temp.. pull it!

Good advice on the temp probe. I just purchased one (kind of like the one Alton Brown uses). So far all I've done is a chicken and was pleased with the results.

I want to try a pork butt next and make some Carolina pulled pork. I'll probably wait for Spring as it's a little colder hear compared to where you live.

After talking to my butcher yesterday, I'm going to try a brisket as well.

Thanks for the comeback.

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