Boneless Rump Oven Roast (they might be Tri Tips)

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Feb 27, 2007
I'm trying to do these cheapies that Squeezy and I bought.
He called his Outside Rounds.
Mine from the store were called Rump oven roast. $1.99 per pound.
They're in my ECB right now since 10:30 this am.
Been stalled at about 165 for 2 hours now.
More updates and food porno to come!
So Bri, how did they turn out??
Sorry about that guys,but I live alone basically.
And cutting the lawn,going shopping,yada,yada,yada.
Got tired and fell asleep after eating.
Anyway I foiled it at about 3 p.m. with a spritz of apple juice and bbq sauce.Internal temp. was about 170° by then [shoulda kept better notes].
By 5:30 it got up to 202° and I took it off.Finished off the roast potatoes while it rested.I should've been more patient and let it rest longer but,being hungry [hazed by beer] and tired I got into anyway.
The smaller one kinda pulled and the bigger one I had to slice.
They were both fairly tender though for the cut of meat.
I definitely will try again and be more patient.
I used Mesquite for the smoke.["thin blue" of course!]
Well here are the pics.

First 2 pics show rubbed and ready to go on

Second set show after 2 hours

The best shot I got of the "Thin Blue Smoke"

The one on the right is the smaller one

You see the one that pulled and the sliced.

Pulled and ready to eat!!
It was yummy!

The more I look at them,the more I don't think they're Tri Tips
I'm thinkin' if I buy them again I'll butterfly them so they're about the same thickness as a brisket.
Also wrapping in foil with BBQ sauce was an excellent idea.
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