Boneless Backribs

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Dec 29, 2009
Savage, MN
I picked up some "Boneless Backribs" at SAMS Club yesterday, and thought I would give them a good smokin' today.

Wasn't sure if these were rib meat or loin or what??

It really didn't matter cuz they turned out AWESOME!

Smoked for 2 hours at 170° & 1 Hour at 225°, with Maple, Hickory and Cherry Pellets

I was gonna gonna foil and cook for another hour, but decided to slice off a chunk and try it.

Man, it was so juicy, and the internal temp was already 160°, so I decided to eat as is!

Turns Out they tasted more like Pork Loin than Rib Meat

I'll do these again for sure!!!

Thanks for looking!


SAMS Club Boneless Backribs


Dusted Heavily With Beer-B-Q's Competition Rub, Wrapped and into the Fridge for a Few Hours.


Inside My MES 40, Patiently Waiting For Some Smoke


Filled AMNPS with Maple, Hickory and Cherry Pellets and Started it with a Torch, Thru Starter Hole.


Allow the Flame to Burn for 5-10 Minutes and Blow it Out.


AMNPS Smoking!


AMNPS Inside My MES 40"

Burning Pellets Facing Chip Pan Housing


Pull Chip Pan Out 1 1/2", But Do Not Remove.

Chip Pan Doubles as Heat Shield For Door And Floor


Pull The Chip Loader Out 1/4 Way


Smoked for 2 1/2 Hours at 225°


Cut Into a Slab for a Quick Test and Man It's Juicy!

Internal Already at 160°, So That's Done In My Book!


Plated Up With Some Smashed Taters and Acorn Squash

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Looks mighty tasty man. I gotta see if I can find some of those around here
Looks mighty tasty man. I gotta see if I can find some of those around here
If not, I bet you could butterfly a Pork Loin or pork roast, and get the same thing.

About 1 1/4" thick

Awesome Todd !!!!

Nice bearView too!!!!

Good you tested them, before going any farther!

They are easy to dry out.


So, it sounds like it's more on the Pork Roast side, than Rib Meat....Correct?

Here's a pic of a Rib End Roast


Bear is right.....They will dry out very quickly. 

I actually started smoking at 170°, because we were gonna be gone for a couple hours, and I didn't want them to over cook or dry out

The last hour was at 225° and got to temp very quickly

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Todd It looks like a great meal ,juicy and yummy .thanks for the Qview

Thx Ahron!

I really was surprised at the amount of fat I had to trim off, almost 1# total.  I keep the fat for sausage making.

Of course, the fat was on the underside!

Looks great Todd.  I've gotten those at our Sams as well.  First time I over cooked them, dry, I was disappointed.  But I learned,  and they have come our great since then.  Nice to see how you set up your MES & AMNPS -- thanks!  I have put mine in burning side away from heating elements, but will switch next time and try it your way.  I figure you have it all worked out!

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