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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
It looks like I might get a weekend off for the first time in a long while.Hopefully Im gonna make and smoke 25 lbs of bologna starting Friday night.Ive got a recipe for German Bologna which I tried and liked last year.I plan on tweaking the recipe this year cause I like things pretty spicy.If all goes well Ill post some pics next week.
Is bologna really meat? I've never been completely sure. But hey, if it's smoked and spicey to boot - I'm game. Really though, good luck with the bologna smoke, I'm sure it'll be great.

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PigCicles,bologna is really classified as sausage.Some of the stuff they sell at stores I would wonder if its really meat too.Thats why I make my own,that way I know whats in it.I grew up eating storebought bologna and if you buy the all beef bologna thats pricey its good stuff but I still like to make my own.Its really good after about three to four hours in the smoker,then I like to fry it and put it on a nice wheat bun with some spicy mustard and some provolone.
dacdots - talk about coinkydinks, it just so happens that I was offered a piece of smoked bologna at work today... I just gotta say one thing.. Damn!

Honestly it was much better than I was expecting... I take back all the mean things I said about baloney.

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I like bologna! It's good fried too, but Ive never smoked it. Gonna have to try that.

It's cool to fry it and it makes like little cups then toss an egg in the cup and cook it coved for breakfast sandwiches. When my son was little he loved egg cups or egg cup sandwiches.
Debi, when we were little we used to call those Mexican Hats, because of the way they curled up. It's funny how it does that.

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We smoke bologna quite often because the guys at work love it for snacking on. We buy the large rolls from the slaughter house and quarter it for good smoke penetration. If you like bologna you will probably love the smoked bologna with cheese and crackers, bread or whatever.
dacdots, I tried to make some hot dog type of meat before and suspect this is similiar. The problem I ran into is that the meat came out rather grainy. Does yours turn out like that too?
Smokin Stang -

I am doing wisconsin bratwurst next almost bologna. I was going to try stuffing cheese in the middle but it might just run out.

Also gotta do an olive loaf which again is almost bologna - can't wait to try it!

Think I've had enough of the cold for the weekend though. Worked outside all day Thursday and smoked Friday.

The ECB didn't hack it once the temps dropped to 5 degrees (about 3am) even in the styofoam igloo. Last batch of sausage had to finish in the oven to bring up to 170 - plenty of smoke though.
Cheech,to make bologna like store bought you must emulsify it which you can do in a food processer.You have to add water as you go and it will come out kinda like pate'.Ive never done this as it is very time consuming so I have read.The bologna I make is kinda coarse but I have found I like it better that way. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.