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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by meat-man, Jul 28, 2008.

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    I was going to do some catfish tonight but at the last min. I " when I say I A.K.A. my wife changed her mind LOL " So I did 6 bnls skinless chicken breast. I know the pic only shows 3 but I did 6. Wife and daughter were to hungry to wait to let me take some pics lol I guess they like my cooking.

    The seasoning was really good. Has anyone else used that " Slap Ya Mama" ? if not it is really good. Has some heat but it has very good flavor. I only put it on 2 of the breast.

    It took them around 3 & 1/2 hrs to do. I was suprised about how moist they said.
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    Nice lookin yard bird. I really like slap yo momma. I have two different ones 1 is hot the other is more salty with some heat
  3. Instead of 3.5 hours next time, I like to do them 1-2 hours in the smoker, then sear them on the BBQ to get 'em done and crispy firm outside but moist on the inside..........or like you saw in my other post, tumble them in a basket..........

    Lowreys can be very salty, I'd like to see the ingredients of Slap your Mama, anything with Salt as the first ingredient automatically get tossed out in my book, I've not got high blood pressure or anything, just low salt = more flavor.

    Where can you get Slap your mama?

    plus rep for you!


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