Blood pressure issues

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Meat Mopper
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Jul 16, 2006
NW Arkansas
Hi All, I am having some blood pressure issues and so will probably have to lower my salt intake...Is there a good rub out there that is low in salt? Or anything you can help me with on this...I have always used store bought rubs and all they tell you is that there is salt in there...I don't know if it is more than I should get or if they are am coming to my favorite place for help like this...I am not at the taking medication point yet, but probably will be if I don't do some different things...One thing I don't want to have to do is quit smoking meat...Ok, if any of you have some knowledge on this I would greatly appreciate hearing from you....

I haven't searched the forum for anything...Just hoping someone out there will have some ideas for me...

Thanks a million........Steve

Seems to me that one of our members recently posted a salt free rub. Check out the rubs, marinades, etc area.

In the meantime I have had issues with hypertension. One of the best helps is good clean water and exercise.

Hope this helps!
Steve -

I try to stay away from salt as much a posible. It does enhance the taste of things and seems hard to get away from but try adding lemon juice to things or lemon pepper it gives some of the zing back.
Thanks for all the help everyone...Srmonty, that is what I am dealing with...what they think is labile hypertension....

So thanks again, Steve
Change doctors and keep using your favorite rub. You only go around once in this old world.
Salt brings out alot of the natural flavors of foods.
Lemon zest will help to a extent in doing the same thing as salt in bringing out flavors.Depending on how high your blood pressure is i would probally still add a little salt to my rubs. Any dietition will tell you anything is fine in moderation.However there are alot of sodium free salt substitutes avaliable these days try some experimenting.
i like to use celtic sea salt when ever i can , yes its salt but the celtic stuff has a lot of other good minerals in it and its not refined, normaly find it in health food shops , dont rekon anyone on a smokin forum would go anywhere near a health food shop though.
I just ordered a mess of stuff from this guy. He has tons of low sodium rubs and such. Also had a chance to talk with him....very nice and helpfull as well as informitive. Check it out!!!
Smoking cowboy
Sodium is what effects high blood pressure. sodium is sodium it doesn't matter table salt, kosher salt, sea salt; all will raise your blood pressure.
Smoking cowboy
Sodium is what effects high blood pressure. sodium is sodium it doesn't matter table salt, kosher salt, sea salt; all will raise your blood pressure.
I only know what my Dr. says and my BP was 117/76 this morn. and I love my salt. So I hope this does work. I even salt my pizza. Don't want to offend anyone as this may not be for everyone so ask your Dr.
Mama died of Pancreas Cancer in 81 and couldn't have ANY salt or store bought foods (they have salt in it) it holds water and would put pressure and that really hurt so I learn to season her food without salt. The magic that worked for her was lemon juice just a few drops and it's as great as salt.

Makes a great salad dressing too! Give it a shot you'll be surprised.
I know for a fact that kosher and sea salt have half the sodium that table salt has, and that cayenne pepper is great for reducing blood pressure! Seems like spicy foods help too! When I brine something, I generally donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t use salt in my smoking rub afterwards! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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