Blackened salmon.....Delicious!!!

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Jun 14, 2006
Tried this after reading cajunsmokers blackened catfish post.

I picked up a cast iron griddle and used it on my Weber. I used plenty of charcoal and I kind of mounded it up so all the heat was in the center under the griddle and a little higher than usual.

I found a recipe that was basically half a stick of melted butter and cajun seasoning. The recipe had a bunch of spices listed, but it equals cajun seasoning you can pick up in the store. I used crazycajun seasoning, good stuff.

Baste both sides of the salmon(skinless), shake down the spices, then drizzle melted butter on. That's about it.

I got that griddle to about 2000 degrees :D and the salmon almost exploded when I dropped it on. Man does that cast iron get hot. I cooked it about 4 minutes on a side and I'd say it was around a 2.5 pound filet.

Anyway, it was absolutely delicious. As good or better than I have ever had in a restaurant. My wife loved it.

Thanks for the original post cajunsmoker, I never would have thought to try it. Thanks to everyone else's good advice in there also. I have a lot of fun trying new things like this.
Didn't post on the first try, I had to resize and you beat me to it :D

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