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Larry,soy binder can be added to many sausages to help hold them togather.I use it in larger sausages like bologna.It also helps retain moisture for a juicer sausage.Something you can use in its place is non fat dry milk,which is what I use.Its eaiser to get and a good bit cheaper but works just like soy.I mix up my dry ingrediants including the binder with water and apply to the ground meat then mix everything togather.
Hey, Brothers Larry and David I just want to pop in my$0.02 here. I agree with David 100% on the non fat dry milk. Both for cost and availability. There is only one instance when I would use the soy based binder, and this is for the rest of our community as well, and that is when the sausage may be eaten by someone who is lactose intolerant. Sometimes even a small amount of a dairy product can give someone a reaction.
Just got started on some Maple and Italian sausage. Got the meat ground and seasoned. Trying a new recipe for the Maple. Will keep you posted.
yo dac and sr,
thanks for the info.

why i will be using it is to retain the fat and juiciness of the things [sausage/meatloaf/hamburgers]
i will be making out of
ground pork loins and
ground beef round steak.

im a city boy and only vagely have heard of Fresh ham---ive never seen one.

i do not add any fatback or such.

when not adding anything---the sausages come out way to dry.

this is my attempt to cut the fat.

i already have 2lb. bag of soy binder.
i also have powdered skim milk.

will the milk help retain the fat content??
Larry what Ive read is that the binder will help retain anything liquid.Id think when the fat starts to melt or render that would qualify as liquid.All I know is it helps keep things a lot juicer.I too try to stay from adding extra fat but I have found if you dont you will end up with a dry product especially when using game meat which is naturally lean.There is a product sold at The Sausage Maker called fat replacement which Ive never tried due to cost.If anyone has tried it how about a review.
yo y,all,
i talked to the folks [in texas] who made the soy binder.

they said to let the binder set in liquid spice slurry,
for at least 30 minutes before adding to ground meat.

i have used a tablespoon and a 1/2 per lb.

so far on beef sausage only---[round]

this has made it way more juicy. I LIKE THIS!

my first smoking guru [charles knote]
said to use ground up instant rice as binder.
i have not tried it yet.

i have contacted usda for info on oat binders--
i am awaitig reply.

I agree with dac... but kinda in reverse... I add about 30 to 35 percent fat to the recipe depending on type of meat used ie: canada goose is so lean you have to add the fat or you might as well eat cardboard. lamb is almost the same once you trim it out but I hate adding binders like bread crumbs I think I would rather use eggs. I think the pork fat tends to bind the flavours of the final product.
In the words of Emeril, "it's a pork fat thing."
I can't comment on the soy product, Iam not familiar with that product.
Binders or No binders???

One thing I found making Kielbasa,smoked sausage anf ring bologna is that the fat content(80% meat/20% fat) will help retain the moisture, in addition to the fat, it is best to make rings of sausage anywhere from 12 inches long to 18 inches long making sure to leave enough empty casing to tie the ends together. I saw someone comment about poking holes to let the air out.....this gives the juice a place to run out of the sausage, it might be better to practice with a few casings before you actually get some ready to smoke. the less air the better. One other key to a juicy smoked sausge is as soon as it comes out of the smoker submurge it in a cool water bath for 15-30 minutes, this will draw water back into the meat and keep your casings looking nice and plump.

yo tsul dude,
im glad to meat you!

when making sausage out of pork butt or
beef chuck , i find that you dont need the binders.

im told they both have about 20% fat.
im told the pork loin loin im using is 15% fat.
im told the beef bottom round im using is 10% fat.

the soy binder that i have added,
since ive learned here----
helps GREATLY to keep sausage juicy
and cuts the fat...

i only do small batches--
usually 5 lbs.

per lb.i only use 1/3 of the binder mix the package
says you can use.
i also put in 2 tbl. of non-fat powdered milk.
so far so good.

i wonder why i didnt get a e-mail telling of
your posting on the binder thread???

Beef chuck and pork butt(shoulder) come from the same part of the animals. They are generally the lean /fat content for sausage making, I prefer NOT to add anything other than spices. Just like with every thing else, the less fat you have the dryer the final product will be. try cooking a hamburger made from 93% lean ground beef next to a hamburger made from 80% ground chuck and taste test them both. Back to the subject, 20% fat and add water enough to mix in all spices and mix well, when your arm is tired from the mixing, your probably done.

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yo dutch,
im the one who started this thread..

maybe since one of my replies to this thread
has been edited by someone----
i didn't know sausage makers addy---
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