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Apr 23, 2024
Hello all. A little late to the game, I turn 42 in less than a week and just got my first grill. I've grilled at family cookouts for decades, but this is the first time owning my own. I've lived in apartments my adult life until now, so this is the first time I've been able to have my own.

Right now I'm learning and gathering info on how to smoke without a side fire box. The grill I bought should support one, Char-Griller Legacy from Lowes, it's just not in my budget at the moment. There are still a ton of basics I need before I worry about a side fire box and know it's possible to smoke meat without one. Luckily I have an excellent butcher shop down the street to experiment with different cuts of meat.
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Congrats on the new living space and grill. You will find more insite here than you cooked want or need. Oh and this site is full of enablers, you'll have fun here.
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Welcome Vinnie.
Offset cooking and smoking is possible in your unit. Meat one side and fuel the other side
For sure. That's what I plan on doing until I get the side smoker attachment. Already been eyeing some baskets I can use to easily swap out the fuel as it's used up during the long smoke time.
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A good start is to use the indirect method of cooking with wood chunks. Decent firewood carries a premium price in the desert southwest, and can put the hurt on you, be not dismayed… hint: buying the chunks and making your own chips is a good idea, all you need is a hatchet.

I travel from PHX to LV every other week, would be glad to share what I have learned over the years.
Welcome from Hawaii!! Never heard of the Legacy so had to do a quick search. Looks like a good grill/smoker to get going on. I run a Chargriller Grand Champ and am very happy with the quality of it. The Legacy looks like it could be a very fun unit to run. It definitely has some nice features.
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Welcome from Oklahoma. There is a wealth of information here from one end of the spectrum to the other. Like gold mining, sometimes you have to dig a little to find it. Ha. Yep, just throw some wood chips on the side and let it smoke. For longer smokes you can also find some boxes that will hold dust or pellets to keep it smoking while it is burning. My advertisements are off because I am a supporter, really do not know if I like that or not, I am missing info new stuff. But many suppliers support this site. I buy the hickory chunks in a bag in the grocery store. My Smoke-it 2 only needs a small amount. I use a hammer and an old large deranged screwdriver to slice little pieces off. Keep us posted on your progress and adventures.
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Glad to have ya here Vinnie, welcome from Indiana. Plenty of folks here to ask questions of, so don't be shy, ask away!
Welcome from Mississippi! Lots of great folks here to learn from. Congrats on the new home and cooker. Look forward to you posts and pics.

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