Big Ole Butt

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Apr 10, 2007
Arlington, TX
Well I figured since I dont have to be at work until 1pm tomorrow I would stay up late and smoke a big ole 10 pound pork butt and a fatty. Still gonna make some ABT's for a snack. Dont those things make the best little snacks while your smokin'?
Heres a couple of pics right before it went into the smoker. I will post more pics as I progress into the night.
Heres a pic of the fatty getting stuffed.

And heres a pic of the big ole butt.
Looks awesome low&slow,good luck with your smoke tonight
Ok its been 2 hours. Time to raise the lid for the first time. Butt is looking good, fatty is done, wife is in bed. I get to eat the whole fatty by myself
. I guess I'll save her a little piece
since she is just as addicted to them as I am. Still gettin around to making some abt's.

The fatty is stuffed with sauted jalapeno, bell pepped & onion. Some garlic salt, Monterrey Jack, Colby & Cheddar cheeses, rubbed it with some Fiesta brisket rub, topped off with bacon.
More pics to come. Every 2 hours until its done, or until I fall asleep.
Smoker is idling between 225-250 and producing a nice thin blue smoke. Im using Kingsford charcoal and pecan chunks.

Time to raise the lid and spritz with apple juice/water mixture.

Smiling for the camera, beggin' for another piece of that fatty.

My smoker sure does look empty compared to some of yalls, but Im just cookin for my little family. This butt alone will last us a week. Unless the inlaws come over, then it'll be gone fast.
That just means I get to smoke something else.
Great job low&slow, it looks awesome! Thanks for the Q-View!

So, did you save the wife a slice of that fatty?
Ok heres the final product. My eyes habitually popped open at 530am this morning, even after going to bed at 200am. So Im feeling a little tired.
I checked on the thermo, it read 199. I got outa bed and tossed it into the cooler, wrapped in towels, for a couple of hours. Decided to go ahead and make bacon, eggs, biscuits & the rest of the fatty for breakfast. Gave mama her breakfast in bed. Then I went to pulling the pork (that kinda sounds funny).
Here a pic of the bone sliding right out of the butt.

Heres 10 pounds of pulled porky for ya.

Thank you everyone for the compliments.

Debi, I love that song too. I actually listen to it first thing in the mornings now. It puts me in a great mood. He has another song called "hicks", its a great song too.

Hawg, Yeppers I saved her some fatty. Served it to her this morning in bed with bacon & eggs. Brownie points for me!!
I gotta quit looking at these threads in the morning, I'm about ready to eat my desk! Looking at those gorgeous pics of queue and that, "make ya feel at home" backyard, it's going to be difficult to get through a days work. That fatty looks incredible! I have to try one this weekend. Fortunately I have some fantastic fresh whole hog breakfast sausage from pigs we raise on a friends property. Yum. So 2 hours is all it takes for a fatty huh? Sounds like Sunday morning breakfast to me. I've also got to try some ABT's, those look mighty tasty also.

Love your avatar low&slow, very original!
Dude thoose pics were totaly awesume, I've never seen bark as nice as that. That's my goal to get it to look like that. So far I still have to do a little more work. Went to your web page LMAO at the song. Came back here to see the final pic's, lmao some more ( "pulling your pork, sliding the bone out of the butt") man you have a way with words. YOU DA MAN!!!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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