Big Green Egg?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by surfer_e, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Well I have fully embraced the smoking life style! I am presently on my third smoke with a Brinkman Electric smoker.

    I live in Florida on the beach and the salt air tend to eat up anything metal...especally grills. The other day I was a the hardware store and they had some Big Green Eggs. These are a bit high priced but i liked the fact that they are ceramic (they will not rust).

    Has anyone used one of these?

    Are they any good for smoking?

    What do you guys think?
  2. crewdawg52

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    Excellent smokers! Holds the temp, uses less fuel than others (a little goes a long way). Small cooking surface though (not alot of room to smoke lots of stuff). Like you said, pricey, not to mention they weight a ton!
  3. flash

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    The Eggs are both efficient and expensive. Something like 10 to 20 $40 smokers [​IMG]
  4. salbaje gato

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    Ditto, Theyre Great, Go With The Xl And You'll Be Set For Life.
  5. I live right on the beach; my big green egg sits no more than 150 ft from the surf, so I have some experience with rust. My current big green egg is 2 years old and I can see a little rust on the hinge mechanism but not much. I expect eventually it will rust out and have to be replaced but they sell replacement parts for this and all of the metal on the thing. I bought my first big green egg about 10 years ago, but made the mistake of keeping it at ground level, in 05 Hurricane Dennis washed it away, so I know they don’t hold up well in big surf!
    I really like the big green egg and had to replace the lost one, couldn’t live without it. Now it sits on my deck, well above (hopefully) future storm surges. You can control the temp and cook a butt all night at 200 degrees or so, or you can turn the temp up to 700 and really sear a good steak. It takes a little while to learn to control the fire but it’s not too hard. They also use little charcoal. If you buy one get an electric charcoal started, it will save you a lot of trouble.
    My question to you is how has your Brinkman Electric held up in the salt spray? I tried a Bradley but it only lasted 6 months before the electrical failed, I assume due to salt spray. I really liked the way the Bradley smoked things but can’t afford to replace one every few months.

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