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Feb 6, 2006

I just scored a used large BGE, sweet price to boot. Dude stated it was used twice and had a sales receipt from Aprilish. Got the wooden table and cover also with it. I will post some pictures once I get my first smoke rolling today.

I have used an offset Brinkman and a GOSM wide body. I watched the DVD that came with this smoker. On the smoking section of the video it was a little weak on usage so I thought I would ask here.

I understand to fill the smoker with lump about 2 inches over the holes. However the video stated to use wood chips, not chunks. I also had to go by a discributors sales location for a few accessories so I asked him the same thing. He stated he does not use any chips period, just lump (???).

So I am confused. I always go for the thin blue smoke from the exit damper. I was thinking to fill it the same amount with lump as recomended but use some wood chunks, not chips, and see how many to use from the resulting smoke. I was not sure how many cunks to start with if I did that though.

So I am confused. To top it off a have two boston butts and one brisket prepped in the fridge.

Hoping someone who has used this will come along. I also posted this same thing on the BGE forum but I ahve come to trust this forum soooo much, you know.

Take care,

Brian -

Sorry I can't help you with the BGE. There are a few people here with them maybe they'll be here soon.

In the meantime - lump does add some smoke flavor by itself and I have seem it in different flavors like hickory and mesquite. Maybe that's why they don't use chunks?

Thanks for the post Deb.

I got a few bites on the BGE forum. I don't like the way it is setup but it works.

I have had the smoker going now for 8 hours. I have not had to add wood or lump, pretty mind boggling.

Anyway, I went chips this time but I was told to mix it all together with the lump. Next time I think I am going to mix chunks in with it. I threw a rack of ribs on it to play with. They came out OK, got eaten in a few seconds as I had a couple of friends stop by :).

The butts have been on for around 7 hours now and seem to be going good.

I am going to buy an insert for indirect heat. This smoke I used a throw away pan and a rib rack. The insert is ceramic also.

I put up some pics here. I will update the gallery as the smoke session progresses.

Take care,


Man do I wish (so does my wife I am sure ;)).

The smoker goes for around 750-850, I have the "large" size. Table is around 250. Cover is around 70. Person used it twice, bought two months ago. Got bummed and put it up on Craigs list. I got it for.......450 :).

I am selling a propane grill and the GOSM to help pay for it. That and a little OT from work on last paycheck should cover the price in whole.

Updated the pics.

Take care,

I knew I had to read that wrong! I was looking at those a few years back and they cost more than my first new car!

Still a steal at $450. Around here they go for around $1500 for the big one and I think it was $500 for the table. Weird how much prices vary.

Congrats on the BGE! I hear they use very little fuel and take alot less time to get a great smoke.
Well all is finished and cleaned up (the wife likes hearing the cleaned up part :)).

I updated the pictures to show breakfast being a smoked fattie (sage flavor), peppercinos with cheesy eggs, Renfro's salsa, and toast.

The pulled pork came out moist as could be. Real nice smoke ring, good yield (normal weight loss). Had a fast sammie while putting the pork in freezer bags for down the road.

I learned a few things for next time. I also need to pick up a piece for indirect heating that will work better for me.

Link to pictures:

Take care,

Awsome Brian! Totally awsome!

very nice pics boy i wish i could have run across a deal like that. as it was i had to order my xl egg from the dealer through a broker, but i love it its very forgiving and looks really impressive. absolute best for steaks and just about everthing else wildcat
Thanks all for the kudos.

Yup, this week is now grill week. I will start basic with hamburgers, then steaks, then a nice lime spiced chipotle chicken. From there things will go back to normal use of twice a week.

Take care,

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