big green egg ceramic smoker

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hello jim, have you done any brisket on your smoker, are the times for riasting turkeys acurate at fifteen minutes per pound. i used this on a turley and it came out kind of dry. im just learning the ins and outs of this type smoker, and would appreciate talkong to anyone who has one. to share my experincws with. one thing that i found out is that the xl model will not allow the lid to close when using the turkey stand. like the ad shows. wildcat
I have done briskets, butts, ribs, anything I have cooked on other style cookers.

With turkey, I would brine or inject and use finish temp as my guide rather than time. I dislocate the thigh joint before cooking and look for 175 internal as my finish temp.

I only cook turkeys in the 12 to 16 pound range, I lay them on the grate rather than stand them up.
jim is there any advantage to cooking the turkey standing as opposed to laying it down, and do you use the plate setter, or do you put your turkey directly on the grill?
You would need a plate setter to go indirect, standing up does not make cooking any easier. I would run the pit at 300 to 350º. You need very little wood for the whole cook and use a good quality lump charcoal (Royal Oak, Wicked or something like that).
thanx jim ill let you know how the next one turns out , i bought the lump charcoal that they reccommend , {bge} is there a better one ?
thanx again jim i took some pictures of a new smoker im building, ill send pictures tomorrow, wildcat is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.