Big Brothers Big 50th Brisket

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  1. My Big Brother #3 is turning 50 so we had a PARTY! I smoked a 12.5 lbs Brisket in my MES. Again I feel it was a Great smoke and complements were flowing!
    2300 hours I scored the fat cap Diagonally. I prepared a marinade of Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning (2 tbl spoons) and 1 stick of butter. I rubbed Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning and Course Black Pepper liberally over the entire Brisket. The Brisket was too long for the pan so I cut the point (I think) off and cooked it in a separate pan.
    2330 hours: Meat put into MES and temps was close but not quite 225 Ate 2 chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies. They tasted so good I ate a third one. I used Hickory and Mesquite chips to smoke with. I have company sleeping all over the house so I have to be very, very quiet. 0200: 143 degrees. Based it with marinade. Set Alarm for 4 am and took short nap.
    0351 hours: Company wakes me up saying my timer was going off. What the heck. My Weber digital thermometer is set for 180 degrees.. Checked the brisket with the Weber and also a standard meat thermometer Both Thermometers were reading 183 degrees. It was like it didn't hit a plateau it just kept going up!. Basted the brisket with my sauce and decided to watch the temps a little closer.
    0400 hours: 180 degrees. ??? lost 3 degrees?
    0430 hours: 177 degrees. Now I am getting worried. I check the MES to insure it is still on and heating up. Yup it is still on and heating up. Still getting worried but hanging in there. I set a bottom temp of 175 as the cut off to pull it from the MES and put her in the oven.
    I ate 2 more Chocolate chip cookies.
    0440 hours: 176 then 0445: 175 degrees and now decision time. I prepare the oven for putting the brisket in it and go back to check the temp one last time. 0448 hours; temp at 176. Whew starting to climb so I leave the brisket in the MES. Celebrate with another round of chocolate chip cookies.
    0525 take a nap beside the Weber thermometer to listen for it to reach 180 degrees again.
    0550 Weber wakes me and my company up signaling 180 degrees. Basted the brisket again. Ate 2 chocolate chip cookies. Poured a cup of coffee for me and my company and ate 2 more chocolate chip cookies.
    0704 hours: brisket reaches 185 degrees. Pull it from the MES and wrap it in foil and a towel and put it in a cooler.

    I left it in the cooler until 1400 hours when we served our Birthday meal. Checked temps and it was still at 160 degrees. Plenty hot enough so I served it right up with my famous Pinto Beans. I use sweet baby rays BBQ sauce mixed with apple juice and heated up before serving.

    Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal and I really liked the brisket. This is scary. So far in the 10+ smokes I have done I have yet to have a bad one. Most of the credit goes to you guys and girls here as you have helped me with all my questions and given me encouragement to proceed. OK NOW WHAT EVERY ONE REALLY WANTS... QVIEW!
  2. My pics didn't post. Will try to re size and try again.
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    What a disappointment[​IMG] Your brother turns 50 and no pics? He'll only turn 50 once and you let all of us red blooded American males down by not getting him a stripper and posting some seminudie-view[​IMG] You sure you were in the "suck"? By the way, you guys called me "doc" ('69-"73) Hope you try to re-post.
  4. OK so I am a bad brother. Sue me.
    Working on the Pics. Need to do a different program. Maybe later today... I hope!

    Semper-Fi Doc

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