big a party

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Original poster
Jun 19, 2007
smoking 73# of pork and 22# brisket this weekend. heres the tool
and here are some pictures of the meats. will post more pictures of this as it happens




yep time to show em how b&W gets down! party for 200+ people (gets bigger every year) many more pictures to come im sure. need to post updated pictures of the "tool" with the modded firebox
Now that's a lot of critter happening right there!

Good luck and how do I get invited?!
What no directions?? I think you are going to ned some help with all that food , so I'm offering me services just tell me when and where!!
consider this your invite if you want to come
its in barnard mo

every year b's work shuts down for 2 weeks in the summer, this is just to kick off the vacation. we actually went to a specialty meat store to buy cab brisket, they didnt have any but they had plent of pork (and we were having trouble nailing down a location that had enough of those) so we grabbed a case and a couple good looking briskets and called it a night. and yes we are running low on bud.. b, you need to get that taken care of man!

I swear I get so dang hungry reading these boards... it's midnight and now i want some pulled pork, dangit!

Sounds like a sweet little thang you guys are puttin together! What's the plan for the menu?
mmm boulevard wheat is my favorite!!

for the menu we are doing the meats (deer and elk got added tonight), beans, my mac-n-corn, pasta salad and have several other people bringing some sides almost a potluck of sorts except the main course is covered.

any ideas or advice on the deer/elk?
and mike and chad google map barnard mo (north of st joe) and let me know if you need directions be glad to have ya. smoke starts friday evening
Two weekends straight of smoking & partying.
I gained 10 lbs last weekend just breathing the smoke from Bud & Shortone's smokers.
some updated pictures of the meat in progress. going to fire up big black this afternoon




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