Beula is going to be busy.

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short one

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Feb 9, 2007
Northwest Missouri
Just got done rubbing down two butts for this weekend.
One with mustard and my rib rub, one with mustard,salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder.
Also have one hamburger fattie with rub mixed in and rubbed, one plain pork burger with rub mixed in and rubbed, and one sausage with cheese and rubbed. Also doing a 2 lb. JD for a D.O. breakfast casarole for Saturday morning. I have a 12 lb. turkey in brine also.
Friends from Ks. called and they have several slabs of ribs rubbed and a couple loins I believe, but what ever they bring Beula says she is up to smoking it for them.
May be a long afternoon tomorrow. Hope we have enough to feed 9 people while we are camping.LOL
Going to try to get pics with new camera and post.
Wow Steve! Lotta meat!
I'm sure ol' Beula is more than up to the task. She's a smokin' honey.
Where did you say you are camping?
Mike, we are going to Indian Caves State Park, which is about 14 miles south of Brownville, Nebr. It is almost accross the Mo. River from where I live, but I have to drive 50 miles to get there.
OK! Let's see..... get on I29 north....................
Pack a BIG bib. And a bundle of napkins from Sam's..............

Enjoy. We were at Stockton Lake last weekend.
Thanks Mike, we're going to try to get started around 1 today and get everything cooked. Then Sat. we can just hang out and enjoy the day. I think they are bringing their 24 ft. party barge, and if they do we'll probably go cruisin Sat. Then Sun. evening, taking Beula to their place and doing burgers, brats, and whatever then shoot some fireworks. Going to be a long, busy weekend.
Sounds like a fun weekend Steve. Like Mike said" she is one smokin' honey!!!" Have a great time and enjoy. Please tell Ruth we said Hello!
Wow Steve, that sounds great! Good luck with the feast, can't wait to see it all...
We had a great time this weekend and Beula did a fine job. Here are some pics of our first load.
Pic 1- 12# turkey brined
2-8# butts-one mustard and rib rub, one with
mustard,salt,pepper, onion and garlic powder
3-fatties, one hamburger w/rub mixed in and
rolled, one ground pork w/rub mixed in and
rolled, one sausage w/ shredded cheddar
cheese and rub mixed in and rolled
1-loin, marinaded by friends
Pic 2- 4 slabs of ribs-rubbed by friends
Pic 3- Beula's TBS
Pic 4- Beula's temp
Sounds like a great weekend Steve. Beula did an awesome job. Bet you're still stuffed!

Keep Smokin
Pig, I sure am, and haven't got all the pics on yet. Heres the loin finished, cut in half, the butts and turkey 4 hrs and 45 min. in and turkey done. Also had 4 more slabs in.
And here are the butts 8 hrs and 15 min. into cook before wrapping in foil, our refreshments, butts done- 10 hrs. and 15 min. Wrapped in towels and placed in cooler at 2 o'clock in the morning. And here they are at 10 the next morning, still to hot to pull by hand. Had a great time.
Check out Shortone with the pics now. Everything looks great Steve. Be sure and tell bashful smoker that if his uncle can figure out how to take and post pics he should be able to as well.
Haven't heard from him for a while, he must be busy. Will try to catch up with him someday and try to help him out. I only had to do the first set 3 or 4 times and by the time I got them loaded the rest were easy. Now if CRS doesn't set in it won't take so long the next time.
Great freakin' mother of pearl Steve! That is almost enough to feed the Gathering.

Ol' Buela was more than up to the task. Great job!
Noticed ya'll had "something cool to drink" also.
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