Best way to quick-cook ribs?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by fad3d, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Since I live in an apartment, I only have access to a smoker on the ocassional weekend at my parents house. I am wondering what the best way to grill ribs is on a standard BBQ grill? I have seen people in restaurants (on TV) cook their ribs pretty quickly, and would like some advice so i can cook some ribs during the week for dinner. Thanks!
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    Can't help you there, I think they will be tough unless loaded will stuff to
    tenderize them. I only slow cook them. Have you thought about cooking when you
    get off, slow cook them that evening not worrying when their done and have them the next night for supper.
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    Before I was enlightened to smoking, I learned you can parboil ribs until the meat is 1/4" from the ends of the bones, then grill, basting with sauce, bone side down first then flip once until hot. People actually ate them. If you can at least marinate them..........
    1. Be sure to peel off the white membrane off the back, from the small end first, with a paper towel. Important!
    2. Put some acid in the sauce (citrus, wine, italian dressing, vinegar) to help break down the meat.
    3. Realize you are boiling out a lot of flavor in exchange for time.
    4. Pray for me, this is all such bad cooking advice compared to low and slow!!!!!
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    Blasphemer, Sacrilege, etc, etc [​IMG]

    J/K [​IMG]
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    I refer you to #4......head is low in shame......
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    [​IMG] I was going to tell him to go to Ruby Tuesday's. [​IMG]
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    Flash right on. Since you're in the neighborhood, maybe we could hook up at Bradenton or Immokalee and you could run that's my brand new LT-1 490HP going into a 76 Silverado....700R trans with a 3000 stall. See ya.

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    if youre gonna parboil it, you may as well go to applebees dude. 6 hours in a nice charcoal smoke with a clump of wood every hour to give it some smoke and you got yourself some ribs worth talking about [​IMG]
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    you can smoke on anything. just put the coal,chips,etc(heat). to the opposite of the meat & exhaust vent w/ maybe a small pan of water in there. what kind of "regular old bbq grill" do you have ?
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    STOP IT WITH THAT PARBOILING STUFF!!! Refer to my thread from last week! If you only have time to quick cook on the grill, I wouldn't waste my time or money, head to a local restaurant that sells ribs. IF you have time but not a smoker, or a really small grill that you can't indirect cook on, I would rub em' down in your favorite dry rub (after taking off the membrane and slathering with some mustard to hold the rub) put them in the oven on low setting, SLOW cook them in the over giving the occasional baste. If doing 3-2-1, for the last 1, or maybe not even that long, put it out on the grill, not directly over the coals, and finish it off there with some wood chips in a foil pack placed over your burner or coals...parboil...sheesh, what's this blog coming to...[​IMG]
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    LOL. Now thats some power. Of course my Classic can't be seen slumming with some Silverado though [​IMG] Bradenton.....[​IMG] you planning on running over "old folks".
  12. Ha, yeah i know Im asking for bad cooking advice, but I am just wondering what the most acceptable alternative to low and slow it. Looking for a way to have some ribs on days like today when I will get home at 5 and dont want to wait till 10 to eat. And, i doubt my neighbors would appreciate the smoke since i had them busted for smoking day and night and filling up our place with cigarette smoke!

    I just have a two burner gas grill on my porch, but I am thinking i should just use the crock pot instead and let them cook all day. Anyone done that? I know this borders on blasphemy, but I am desparate for ribs - and I went 3-2-1 on a few racks last weekend as pre-penance.

    I will not parboil no matter what.
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    Is your grill big enough to do indirect? I'm not even sure what to tell you about grilling ribs. I know my father used to burn the heck out of them cause the fat would drip out and catch on fire. I've heard of crock potting them, maybe do that on low and them touch them up on the grill when you get home! You won't have a smoke flavor unless you use some liquid smoke. I had a rub one time that I bought called hickory somethingn or other. It had a smoky kind of taste to it, but you couldn't use it while smoking.

    Don't tell anyone else, but we've done ribs in a crock pot with sauerkraut already.
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    What about one of those electric smokers? Seems like some one who lives in an apartment was able to use one without smokin the neighbors out. Terry
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  16. keywesmoke

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    I knew I was gonna get roasted on this thread LOL but just tryin' to help a man out! Lives in an apt, can't smoke, now what?! All those restaurants think they sit back in the kitchen and smoke ribs? Think again! How do you think Outback gets your prime rib perfect every time? They boil it in hi-temp pressurized au jus for a precise amount of time! It's OK to do, just not our thing.......I don't like the crock pot method, they come out like pot roast, no bite and mushy. Strict grilling IMO will just burn them and all the sugar from the sauce will flare, as well as the fat, and burn the food. I don't know any other way to make a rack in 90 minutes than parboiling.
    Flash, if I can get enough lead weight in the back I'll be under 10sec. Bring it! I will have to play with the rear, starting with a 3.73.
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    Just a little food for thought here. Have you thought about cooking some extra ribs while at your parents and breaking them down into meal sized packages, and throwing them in the freezer. Then when you want ribs, get a package out a day our so ahead of time to defrost in the fridge. When you get home you can either put them on the grill to warm-up with a baste of your favorite sauce or glaze, or put them in the oven to warm. Just my .02 worth.
  18. I believe Shortone pegged it! That is the only feasible way if ya want em ta taste right, that I can think of! [​IMG]
    Course, ya could stop off at Smokey Bones (wwrettchh!)
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    and to think i almostate at s.b.'s just for a rest. review practice...
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