best way to cure my new GOSM ?

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by pancho villa, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all. What is the best way to cure my new GOSM? Is there a way to determine how much wood to use on certain meats (salmon,ribs,turkey etc.) Thanks for all feedback. This forum is a lifesaver. [​IMG]
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    Welcome Pancho!

    Wash it out good and spray the inside of beauty down all over with oil. Pam or non-stick sprays make it easy to do. The leave it empty then run it hot about 250 degrees for a few hours or so to get the stink of paint and stuff out of it.

    As for wood use a few small chunks at a time. watch the smoke! You should be barely be able to see it - that's what we call Thin Blue Smoke and that's all you want. White bilowy smoke is bad!

    Here's a chart you can download for the type of wood you can use and what you might use them for:

    And one for times and temperature to smoke at:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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