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Best stuffer for small diameter snack sticks?

bill ace 350

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Motorized or manual.

My LEM 5lb does fine, but my 20lb motorized has a .5 inch tube as the smallest.

Looking for a large capacity, small diameter stuffer.



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What’s the base size of your tubes? Might be able to find a 3/8” with correct base.


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Definitely manual IMHO.
A 1/2" stainless horn will handle some really small casings.
How small are you wanting?

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Find a foot switch to control your motorized unit. Harbor Freight?
With some creative washers and gaskets you get to the 3/8" horn.


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BA350, I never had good luck using my large stuffers with small snack stick tubes. I always had to make my mix very wet to get it to go easily through the tube,took forever to dry/cook in my smoker. That being said, IMHO you could find tubes that match yout stuffer outlet size?


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The ratio of the stuffer piston diameter vs. the diameter of the stuffing tube is a critical number... The bigger the piston, more HP is needed to stuff the small tubes... It has generally been accepted that 5# stuffer pistons met this criteria and they were best for small sticks...


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Not what your looking for but a jerky gun INSANELY easier to use for sticks than a stuffer. I need another person to use my Hakka 7l and 10mm SS tube and cranking is HARD. I had no idea this would be the case. The gun is easy peasy like caulking. daveomak daveomak gave you the math and the piston diameter of the gun is much smaller... Key to the gun is using an ice cream scoop to load it.


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If you are doing snack sticks and wanting a 20 pound volume you definitely want motorized and not manual AND you want that motor to be beefy to handle the job.

Pushing 20 pounds of meat through small diameter tubes takes a LOT of force. When I stuff sausages (not even sticks) in my 22lb manual stuffer it takes 2 people.
1 strong enough to crank and the other person to guide and work the sausage from the tube.
The cranking cannot be done by a child or a person of lesser strength and stature. It is a little bit of a workout lol. So motorized and a strong motor is important.

Just wanted to throw that out there since it is important info to consider :)


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Yep, never had any luck with the bigger motorized stuffer. Get way to much pressure and constant blow-by from the top seal. Damn big mess is all it was. Save yourself the headache and use a smaller one design for it. I spent more time cleaning meat off the top of the plunger than it takes to load the 5# LEM up 4 times for a 20# batch.

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