Best Q restaurants in the world

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Cheech -

When we retire maybe we get get a Q train going!

I can tell you that Sonny's Real-Pit BBQ is a winner,a real class act too.Some of the best Q I've ever ate.I went to one in Daytona Beach Florida on the word of a co-worker when I lived in Fla. and he was right.Ill tell you one in Titusville Fla. if you ever happen to be there,its called simply Porky's.just a smaller place,but if you ever find yourself there it's a great Q place.Titusville is 50 miles south of Daytona Beach.its the town adjacent to Kennedy Space Center.
Sonny's is a big chain here in Fl, but their food is quite good.
My favorite 'Q is still a distant memory. A place in Arlington, Virginia. Foreign owners. They had beef ribs a foot long, you got two with typical fries, cole slaw, etc but afterwards you were stuffed. To this day I wonder why I can't get long beef ribs anywhere, they're all 3" long. Boy they were good!
These off of the list:

Wolfe's Barbeque
Worst crap I've ever eaten. More like fast food bbq.

Brickyard BBQ
Not great, seemed processed instead of cooked.

KT's Real Good BBQ
better than the other two, but still wasn't impressed.

Red Hot and Blue
This place is down in CO Springs, and not a bad place for lunch. Pulled pork sandwiches are pretty decent, good choice of sauces.

The County Line
The one in Lubbock was a great place for steaks, not so much for bbq. This was 15 yrs ago though when I was a student at TTU.

pretty durn good ribs, brisket needed something, but was good. Their links were awesome. SPICY THOUGH. Sides were pretty decent. Don't go there after dark. Very rough neighborhood.

Sam Taylor's
Probably the best place in town IMO. Good brisket, great ribs, links were good. Sides are very good, exept the Corn on the cob, way over cooked everytime I've been there. Best Iced tea in Denver. The folks that run the place are incredibly nice. Considering having them cater my wedding.

Buck's BBQ
This place is in my hometown of Sweetwater, TX. Buck has been doing bbq there since I was in jr high. You can't find a table during hunting season. His brisket is pure mesquite smoked Texas styled brisket, and is what I judge most of my briskets on. Well worth the stop in if your on I-20.
coulters is ok very expensive. This restraunt is on ft hood and the reason I bought a smoker.

louie muller's barbecue - taylor texas outsanding. There is a line before they open they cook what the have and when it is gone it is gone. No plates, served on a tray with butcher paper. You can't beat it. brisket ,butt ,sausage ,ribs. order by how much you want few slices lot of slices thick thin pulled chopped. It is the greatest and I can't even describe it with words just mmmmmmmmmmm.
i've been to everyone between lockhart,texas- stubb's in austin & a bunch of the rest to buffalo n.y. down to sarasota fla.... we do better Q here.... thats 1 reason i don't have a rest. anymore... ya can't do Q fer mass consumption....i've eaten in memphis, k.c., all over texas, - it just can't be done... anytime ya go rest. style & mass consumption- ya give up something... especially if ya own it & do the books too- ya can't do it yerself....i'll prove it to ya... i'll give ya a great bbq sauce(never use a sauce myself in 15 yrs anymore)but i can give ya a gallon recipe- try to multiply that by 10 gallons... it won't be the same....
i didn't mean we do bette Q in kentucky- cause everything i've eaten just don't compare... not tooting my horn but i sell a lil'; bit & give away a lot... i've cooked over $1500 of meat in the last 6 mo's- and it's just market research....just clarifying.
There are certainly some fine Q places on this list, and I have eaten at some of them, but it is nowhere near a list of the "best in the world".
Famous Dave's???????????? A chain? Give me a break.
As a North Carolinian, this list is insulting. No wilburs, bums, parkers, skylight, Grady's? Man, that's sad. I grew up within 15 minutes of 2 of those and less than an hour from the rest. Good stuff. Check out the NC bbq trail.

I haven't been to all of them yet, but plan to do so in the next few years. That list is a who's who of NC bbq. Unfortunately, it's getting more common for some of these new restaurants to start using gas as the older generation dissapears, but a good portion still do it the good old way.
i have not eaten at any of those restaurants

IMHO the best bbq restaurant that i have eaten at was in Picauyne MS

had a sampler platter, brisket,chicken,ribs, beans,tatersalad and a roll...yummy

just cant think of the name of the
Yeah the thread title is a LEEETLE on the ambitious side...seeing as alot of folks have yet to travel the world... but I have heard of a couple of those you mentioned. Here in Mi, my choices are pretty slim, and honestly, of the ones I have tried, I can turn out as good or better right here at home. Most places here think boiling/baking ribs and saucing them over a gas char is BBQ
As far as pure eating goes, there is a little hole in the wall just outside of greenvile NC that cooks I think 1 maybe 2 pigs every Sunday, can't recall the name. They sell it until it's gone, which is normally about 11:00 AM. I've left disappointed once.
ANY list that has Famous Dave's can't be trustworthy. I was half expecting Rib Crib to make the list also.
Kansas City has multiple BBQ offerings, and each offer something good. Jack Stack has great Cheesy corn and Gates' fries are good. Oklahoma Joes has wonderful coleslaw. But if you want BBQ, fire up the pit and do it yourself. These big names have BBQ down to a science. The Q is good. I'll bet at one time it was GREAT, but that was before mass production and the scientific method.

If however, you are passing through Missouri and find yourself hungry near Warsaw on Truman Lake; stop by Chuck Wagon BBQ on Hwy 7 west of town. The Q's not better than yours, but it's better than any in KC.
I think the simplicity of Eastern NC bbq is why it is able to be mass produced and still be good. Most places I know just pick out a good pig, split em up the middle, throw em on the pit, cook skin side until it's mostly done, turn er over and crisp up the skin for a bit. Serve. The only real sauce we use is just apple cider vinegar, dash sugar and salt, and red pepper flakes. Done. The only important thing is having a good pitmaster. Without a thick sauce it's easy to tell if something went wrong.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of trying any real KC bbq, only what I've been able to replicate based on what I've read. I guess I need to find a transplant who knows what they are doing.
i agree with you. slim pickings in Mi

however there is a new one here in Flint on Miller Rd(have not tried it yet) but i smell smoke everytime i drive by

will try someday, but then again the missus and i are usually disappointed in Q joints and her comment is always:" your ribs are better why didnt u just Q for us tonight??"...she is a is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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