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Best BBQ in Georgia


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I am flying into Atlanta, Georgia in October and driving out to Athens, GA to watch University of Georgia play Vanderbilt.  I wanted to see if people had any places they suggest for some good southern BBQ.  Looking for a good place to stop along the way to enjoy some southern smoke!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Squirrel's house is about the best place in Georgia that I can think of. If you go remember the Q-view and save me some too.


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She's in Augusta -- quite a bit out of your way.

Athens is a great little town, btw.  I lived there for about a year, but I wasn't really into BBQ at the time so I don't know what to tell you except to ask around when you get there.  Be sure to stop by The Globe Bar, though.

Go Dawgs!
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Woo Hoo! Go Dawgs! I'm going to that game also! Love my Dawgs. The only BBQ place in Athens that I ate at was called Fresh Air BBQ, not sure where it is exactly you would have to google it. It was pretty good. Not as good as mine (LOL!) but I would eat there again.

Thanks myth! You are too sweet!


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I will have to check these places out and any other place I check out along the way.  I will update in October! Thanks, and keep the suggestions coming.


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I spent some time in Athens a few months ago and wasn't too impressed with anything I tried.  I'm more of the OK/TX style though. 

There is a great place in NW Atlanta, Thompson Bros BBQ.  http://www.thompsonbbq.com/   Happens that they're from OK.  Only about 15 miles out of your way coming from or going to the airport.

There's a place in Winder, between Atl and Athens that used to be really good.  One of the first places I ever had Brunswick Stew and one of the best I've had.  Someone told me they changed owners but still had the same recipes but I haven't been there in a while.  Still getting good reviews.


I worked all over GA for years and that's probably the only one I tried that I really liked in that part of the state.

Did you go to Vanderbilt?  I'm in Nashville right now. (Been here all but about 10 days of the last 6 weeks).  I've been meaning to go to Jacks but haven't had many other recommendations.  There's a Neelys in Nashville now but the reviews weren't great.


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Heck more than likely there's gonna be lots of smoke rolling before the game with all them tailgate party's
 Them Ga people are pretty nice I'm sure they'd share

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