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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ottawa rogue, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. I've got a snp that a friend gave me a couple of years ago.
    so far, i've just used it as a grill, and even then i've had problems keeping the thing hot. since i'm wanting to start smokiing i read just about everything about this smoker i could find herre and elsewhere.

    what are the best mods to do to it for heat control, the baffle and extending the stack downward?
    is there anything else that needs to be done to make it work right?
  2. rivet

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    Hey Ottowa,

    take a look at this overview that I put together once I got all my mods in place for my SnP. Its got pics and info on the following:

    The Temp Guage
    The Exhaust Extension
    The Wheels
    The Fire-Box Door
    The Fire-Box Damper
    The Fire-Basket
    The Manifold

    Each one can be done individually and at your own pace, as I did. Lets you budget your money that way.

    If you want more detailed information on any of the mods, PM me and I will be glad to share the info I have with you. No need to clog up the open forum with side-stuff.

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