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Jul 2, 2007
Lakewood, CO
I've read a lot about people filling a spray bottle with AJ, whiskey, cider vinegar, and other stuff in various combos. I was wondering how it would taste if I did the same with some beer. No mixing, I'm not that ballsy yet, just straight up. On the same note, I'm having trouble deciding what kind of beer would go well with what kind of meat. I know I've made beef stew with a few bottles of Newcastle and it turned out awesome, so I was maybe thinking maybe a darker ale or porter would be particularly yummy on, say, a brisket. Depending on the seasonings, I was thinking pork might take well to lighter beers like lagers and pilsners. And, of course Chicken cooperates mighty well with a beer can shoved where the sun don't shine.
brisket works well w/ guinness & arrogant bastard ale, honey brown,pete's wicked ale,& sam adams summer wheat for pork. i still add some oil as sometimes it seems it dries the pork- just my .02. but as i'min a dry county- the beer is strictly for marinating the cook lmao.
Oil would be a good idea. Those recommendations were almost exactly what I was thinking.
well of course. Marinating the cook is half the recipe, the food never turns out right if you aren't properly marinated.
Once you spray it on and it goes through the smoking/cooking process you are not going to be able to tell what it was, SO.................
Spray with the CHEAP stuff.
The good stuff goes in the OTHER smoker.
well i was going to go get some brink mod materials,thermo, & other stuff today( maybe have my new festival trailer tomorrow) but due to 'MISS FUSSY BUTT" having a bad day all i got accomplished was a liquor run... oh well-alls well that ends in beer......
Hey Gypsy, I wish you wouldn't talk about your sweet little wife that way! "due to 'MISS FUSSY BUTT" having a bad day all i got accomplished was a liquor run... oh well-alls well that ends in beer......, your gonna end up in your barn fanning the green wood at this rate!
haha Terry
Ain't that what I said? Ya big dummy! Gol darn, I try to save your scrawny white ass and you just ignore all my worldly advice! Gypsy, take my advice, get in your pickup and go buy your sweet baby, (wife), some roses! I called her and tried to cover for you, but she was kind of irritated of all the stuff you been callin her, the more I tried to splain it, the more P.O.ed she got, I can't help you no more my friend. I'm only human!
Baby is still colicy eh? Is she breastfed or bottle fed?

If shes breast fed it could be the spicy smoked food Mama's eatting.
If she's bottle fed could be lactos intolerant. Try soy milk.

Soft music, and rocking help but it's tough on the bambino too!
breast, but labor was 40 mins (yes- 40 mins), went to the chairopractor today & she's so much better tonight.i would never cook spicy foods.... rofl as far as music... it's albannach,bob marley,braddah izrael kamaka'wiwo'ole(hawaiian), and classical(mostly baroque). is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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