beer can chicken

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Jul 3, 2005
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hello all
today i am doing two beer can chicken's and six of bigwheel's yankee bratworst that i made from a pork butt i washed the chickens and rubbed them down with lemon pepper and put them in the gosm 3600g the brats should be done now the chicken still has around 20 degrees to go you all take care
salmonclubber, that sounds so good. Now I'm going to have to find where my Bride stored my can holder and do up some chickens. Hmmm, my GOSM Smoker is big enough to hold a turkey and IF I just use one side of my double can holder. . . salmonclubber, I think you gave me an idea for dinner on Labor Day. . .(OK Brian-no sniffing your monitor) I'm going to do a smoked beer can turkey!!
Wow, crazyhorse-that is some nice color on that bird. What did you have in your water pan?
just water, ive tried using other stuff but i cant tell a difference

with the gosm i was able to get the temp up to 350 for a crispy skin AND have a full water pan heh

the skin is my favorite part
I did two beer can chickens yesterday and were they ever fabulous!!! I did not brine the chickens this time, as my wife conveniently forgot to tell me that we were having company until the last possible minute, and oh by the way would I mind whipping up something wonderful and tasty for supper! It was then 10:00am and our guests were due to arrive around 2:30pm.

So, in a pinch, I grabbed a couple fresh birds from the local market and rubbed them down with a store bought spice called "Citrus Grill" made by Durkee. I also added some of the spice mix into the beer, and once they were placed over the can, I shoved a sweet onion wedge in the neck cavity to seal in the beer steam. Into the box they went along with two coils of fresh Italian sausage (one sweet and one hot).

I cooked the sausages for approx, two and a half hours, then sliced and served with sliced colby-jack and pepper-jack cheeses, for an appetizer.

The birds took a a little more than four hours to reach temp before they came out to rest for 20-25 minutes prior to carving. I must tell you, the skin was crispy golden and the meat was very succulent and juicy! The leftovers are going to make awsome chicken salad!

I wish I had a better handle on digital photography so I could add pictures. I'm certain that even the most veteran pitmasters in this group would be beeming with pride at the newly acquired talents that I've learned since joining this forum!


P.S. Jeff P., I intentionally waited until after lunch to write this post...I didn't want to upset your Monday... :P
I did 2 beer-can chickens yesterday - I saw on Steve Raichlen's show, "BBQ University" (Saturdays on PBS) where he used a "church key" can opener to poke a couple more holes at the top of the can, and he mixed some of the dry rub into the beer. (About 1 tbsp - and I used Dr. Pepper instead of beer)
Dee-lish is the only word I could use to describe! A little over 2 hrs and we had some awesome bird with some friends from church! We enjoyed it along with cuban style black beans and rice, (we're Puerto Rican, but we love black beans as well!), some fried plantain chips and flan (caramelized custard) for dessert and buddy, I tell you what....we were ready for a nap right after we finished eating! If you haven't tried beer can chicken, what are you waiting for???!!!! Try using Dr. Pepper or one of my favs...Cherry Coke.

What you forgot to figure on was the fact that I came back and read this post again this morning and I have not even had breakfast yet;-)

That sounds really gooooooood! I love smoked chicken!
so what is the consenus, I've seen so many different temp and time ranges.

If I go with to Beer Can chickens at 225, I'll probably hit a breast temp of 170-175 in about 2-3 hours? Does that seem realistic?

Also, any tips on doing baby backs and beer can chicken at the same time? Can it be done? got a Meco 5030 electric smoker. Does the chicken go above the ribs, or does it matter?
Youre right on. Except that chicken, depending on the outside temp and other weather conditions may well take up to four hours. Keep the ole digital thermo in the chicken for the real time to take it out.

Regarding the ribs and chicken smoking at the same time ....... no problem. 225 will be great for both products. The time will be longer for the ribs. Remember 3-2-1 as a guide line. And by all means, put the ribs above the chicken. You don't want the chicken driping on the ribs.
Just another side note gorgitz, the reason you've seen different cooking temps for chicken is that the higher temps crisp the skin better. Alot of people want to be able to eat the skin and don't want it rubbery or leathery which is what you get at lower temps. Of course if your like me and pull the skin off after cooking the lower temps are fine. To get the best of both world smoke low and then crank up the heat right at the end to crisp the skin.
once again, great advice, thanks everyone.

whats ya'lls opinon on this...

Crispy skin on the Chicken means more heat, but if I got a rack of ribs in the same cooker with the chicken will the higher heat used to crisp the skin comprise the ribs, since the ribs will take longer to smoke?

BWsmith mentioned 225 working for both chix and ribs, so I'm just gonna go with that, but I'm curious to know how the skin will turn out. will a coating of olive oil help crisp/brown the chicken?

Just curious, either way, I'm smoking this weekend so I'm pumped! :P
I personally like higher heat for beer can chickens. You get better skin, they cook long enough to get a good smoke flavor (I like mesquite or apple for these) and the higher temp gets you a better beer flavor. I see a lot of complaints about not being able to taste the beer flavor. I crank the 'ol gosm up to 350* and soak the wood in a few cans of beer for about an hour. Drain off the wood in to the water pan and add 2 or 3 more cans of beer. No water, just beer. Coat them with evoo and rub of choice and cook for about 1 1/2 hours. This also works very well with just breasts. You just don't use the stands and save a little beer.

The same can be done for turkey, you just have to cook a little longer. If the bird starts to get too brown, just tent it with foil.

BTW - Durkee's St. Louis Rib and Chicken rub is wonderful on these. Just add a little coarse ground pepper and mmm mmm good.

I'll be doing a bunch of breasts tomorrow for Mother's Day.
I did a beer can chiken yesterday - used Classic Coke. I brined the chicken, then did absoluetly nothing but smear some softened butter mixed with tblsp each of parsley and fresh rosemary, a couple of pinches each of salt and pepper in between the skin and meat. Then using a few sprigs of rosemary that I tied together, I brushed the outside of the chicken with the same butter mixture and cooked it indirectly for about 2 hours, basting it as I went along. The fresh rosemary gave the chicken such a great flavor while the butter in between the skin and meat produced juicy, moist white meat. Brushing and basting the butter mixture on the outside made the skin crispy and also helped it to acheive a great color. Next time, I am going to try a mesquite recipe. Can't wait!
Hi prplptcrzr2003,

Wow, what a name to spell.

I have been hooked with the beer can, at my house we called it beer butt chicken, for several years. I don't think that anyone can do this wrong. It's almost foolproof, isn't it?

Your method sounds like it would be a hit anywhere.

I have used coke, dr pepper, wine, hard liquor, BBQ sauce and have never had a bad one turn out.

My wife once asked me to stuff blue cheese under the skin and damn if it wasn't good too.

I do love the method and will keep doing one every now and again.

Glad that yours was a success...keep on keepin on.

Thanks George. I am going to try different liquids - maybe a dark beer or one of those honey wheat beers...that sounds like it might be good. I am going to try blue cheese under the skin, though. That sounds awesome!

Sorry about the name - I am a proud owner of a purple 2003 PT Crusier and I want to show it! :D
alright a good cook and a mopar man.

I also like the beer can racks empty just to help the chicken drain while cooking. sometimes i put a can with liquid in it and sometimes i just use the stand for a ungarnished smoke chicken taste.
i'm with you mystickal. I like high heat and lots of beer for beer can chicken.

However, my wife will tell you that i would eat shoe leather if it had beer on it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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