Beer Butt Yard Bird for Canada Day

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Jul 17, 2005
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
Used my smokers Saturday, Sunday, and Monday ... only got pix from Monday
(must've been the pop)

Did a whole wack of ABTs on Saturday ... some of them sweet! (for potluck at fish fry)

Sunday, 2 racks of BBs with pig candy ( burned the pig candy)
Ribs were great though!

Monday, used R2D2 on a beer butt chicken ... used toothpicks to close neck hole and to hold wings in place. Was as tender and juicy as it gets ... Mmmmm!

Seasoned salt & Emiril's inside and out.
Just before coming off ... 185º internal
On the table soaking it's aching feet in warm chicken fat ... LOL!
I am thinking of doing some Beer Can Birds tomorrow could you give me the particulars on the size of the bird, what temp. you smoked them and for how long.


BTW they look GREAT
Thank you, they tasted great too!

I have a propane conversion on my ECB, so I can get it up to 325º easily, otherwise I would do it on your grill with offset heat. I prewarmed to just over 300º before putting on the bird using mesquite & hickory this time. I prefer pecan for this. Not sure of the size ... perhaps 3 to 4 lbs. which took roughly 2 hours. I think it would have been better with another half hour this time. Used a little EVOO with seasoend salt and Emiril's poultry seasoning inside and out. one third of a can of beer is all that is needed. Personally, I don't like canned beer, so I rinse out a pop can and put beer in it from my bottle.

Hope that info is useful to you.
Pretty looking fowl there, great job as usual.
When I do beer in the butt bird, I put a potato in the neck hole. Then ring the bird with potatoes. There is always a fight for the necktato but the rest are good too. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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