Beer and thighs??

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Original poster
Jul 5, 2007
So if I fill up my GOSM water pan up with beer instead of water do you think the chicken thighs would end up sorta like beer butt chicken??

I'll try it and let ya know.
I've put alot of different things in my water pan and it doesn't seem to really affect the food as far as flavor goes. Water is cheaper!
Just dont fill it up with straight apple juice. I did once and the apple juice crystallized in the pan.
Never did get it out, had to throw the pan away.
Now I use water 70% and AJ 30%.
Don't waste good beer in the water pan, drink it. Take a swig of beer, hold the can and then a bite of chicken and you'll have your beer can chicken

really I wish I could help but I've never tried it
I have put Coke in my pan before and it gives it a wonderful caramel color. Not too much taste of the Coke, so I doubt beer would flavor it either.. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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