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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 30, 2007
texas , queensland
went to toowoomba yesterday . came back with $2000.00 lighter .
got a load of fruit and veg for the shop .30 new scarifier point and bolts , a very expensive packet of hard facing welding rods . and the best bit another rack of pork spares and 3 beef blade roasts . see what i can do with them ( when i get time ) i meant to get some pork mince to try and make some fatty's but i forgot , so more insentive to kill some pigs ( when i get some time also ) the weather is starting to cool down fast , stanthorpe which is about an hour from me got down to 2C last night . you little ripper roll on winter my fav time of year ( must be the yorkshire man in me ( i was born yorkshire UK moved to OZ when i was 13 )
also bought one of those hand held or stick type blender chopper upperer things it will make pumpkin soup making a lot easier no pouring the hot stuff into the blender jug , just blend it in the pan it is boiled in .
Although I don't understand half what you say, I always look forward to your posts

Good luck with the roasts.
i understood almost all of


pork mince = pork sausage for making fatties

it is fall there right now, it got down to almost freezing last night, he is looking forward to winter

moved from united kingdom to austrailia

he bought what i call a braun to make mixing his pumpkin soup easier, now he can mix it right in the pot he is using to cook

i work with a bunch of guys from Austrailia every year, there are terms that i still dont understand but i fake it really
The only part I didn't get was ".30 new scarifier point and bolts ." Is it a Bow and arrows maybe? or is it a drill bit? or neither?

Sounds like you had a fun day though Johno! You'll love the stick blender I use mine all the time. It stays on my counter top in a holster of sorts I use it so often!
here in north america we call a "scarifier" a harrow on the farm.. breaks up the ground without bringing the soil to surface basically
I understood this, "a very expensive packet of hard facing welding rods ". I bought some the other day that were $16.95/lb.
pork mince =.........ground pork or pork that has been put through a mincer for making sausages or burger patties

scarifier = --------farm implement for taking out small weeds without culivating to deep just befor planting . john shearer 29 tine

black angus angus

the welding rods are expensive these ones are a hollow steel tube with flux on the outside and a chemical hardening powder on the inside they are about as thick as a cigarette. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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