Been on the road for a while. It's good to be home!

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Jul 16, 2006
Northern NY (Adirondacks)

Been on the road for 2 weeks. The boss (Mrs. Meowey) and I went to the Elks National Convention in Charlotte NC. We had to stop on the way there and back at her father's house to visit (and to avoid paying for a motel), hence the reason we were away from home for 2 weeks.

Anyway, we had some Q along the way. The drive was mostly along the Interstate 81 corridor. We stumbled onto a place in Salem, Virginia called Henry's Memphis BBQ. (Henry also has a place in Roanoke) Good pulled pork, Memphis Style dry rubbed ribs and the customary sides. The best part was that Henry was the counterman that day. I asked a few leading questions and because it was about 1:30 in the afternoon, Henry came out from behind the counter and sat down and talked to us about Q-ing. Fantastic!

As we entered North Carolina we cut east to have lunch in Lexington, NC at the Backcountry BBQ. (This was a planned stop) We got to talk to the owner's daughter and son in law. Nice! Good chopped and sliced pork with an eastern NC style Q sauce. Interesting note that they offer 2 types of slaw, one regular and one BBQ. I asked what was the dressing for the BBQ slaw and was told in very general terms, ketchup, vinegar, and spices. The regular slaw was very much like my own. Anyone here have a recipe for BBQ slaw?

In downtown Charlotte there was the generic Q at the cafe in the convention center. The hit in Charlotte was an upscale restaurant featuring "Contemporay Carolina Cuisine" in a historic building called the Ratcliffe. Quite a nice variety of local dishes and ingredients. We went for lunch, ended up talking to the owner/chef, and went back the next evening for the 5 course Chef's Tasting dinner.

On the return trip the FIL asked us to stay an extra day because he had heard of a Q place near where he lives. It was actually about an hour drive. The Ramblin' Pig in Conklin, NY serves good pulled pork. The ribs were not quite tender and there was too much of one spice in the Q sauce. (I think it was chilli powder). As we drove back home we stopped at a place in Appalachin, NY that has served Cornell Style Chicken for years. The FIL said that they had just started serving ribs. We bought a rack to take home, I kept them warm in foil for a couple hours, cooked some corn on the cob, pulled out the potato salad and had a meal that evening. The ribs from Appalachin were quite nice. Tender but not falling off the bone, with an understated Q sauce that accentuated the smokey flavor of the ribs.

All in all, a good trip.

Home and tired.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Welcome home Meowey
. Now you can cook some real BBQ for yourself

Welcome back. I've been out & about myself. I was in Richfield Springs NY (close to Cooperstown) for a family reunion. There we sampled BBQ Ribs cooked by a Native American and picked up some preperation techniques that I want to try very soon. They were good, but could of used an additional hour in foil.

Glad to see you ask the questions and talk to others the way I try to when at all possible. I guess the universal language is courtesy and good food.
Welcome back, sounds like you ate well on the trip. I'm sure you are looking forward to firing up your smoker.
Welcome home... You should jump on the OTBS thread and read up on what you missed. NEW MEMBERS.

Glad You had a good trip and a safe return...

Welcome home and smoke on!
Hey, Meowey!

Just junping in on the bandwagon to welcome you back.
Great to hear that your road trip was a success and that you enjoyed it as well as you did.
Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

Welcome back Meowey, with all that Q eatin ,sounds like you might have to go for a couple walks n burn some of it off
sounds like you and the Mrs...aka the boss had a great time !!
Thanks for all the kind words. As Dorothy once said, "There's no place like home....!"

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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