Beef Steak Nuggets

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by mdacs, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. mdacs

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    I'm sure many have tried Jack Links Beef Steak Nuggets. I've been trying to make them myself. I wonder how Jack Links makes them. I've tried to make them like Jerky at different temps from 150-200. They turn out really good but I can’t seem to get the texture and consistency right. Has anyone tried to make them? Are they Jerky or Kippered? I have several seasoning / marinade recipes I like. Really just looking for cooking methods, temps, and times. I have a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, Chargiller Smokin Pro, and a dehydrator. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.
  2. nwdave

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    Out on the left coast, Tillamook makes the nuggets.  Gotta agree with you, they are worthy of any effort to reverse engineer.  I recently did some Beef Flanken Ribs marinated in some Stubbs Beef marinade for several days, then grilled Kabob style.  They came close.  I kinda think maybe it's more kippered than jerky.  There's still quite a bit of texture (chewy, sort of) in the Tillamook variety.  I can't speak to your commercial variety, but on my camping trip in a travel trailer to Denver this month, I'll keep an eye open for the Jack Links to give a comparison check.  Keep us posted.
  3. mdacs

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    Being an avid Jerky and BBQ fan I thought I had seen and tried about everything related. I've never heard of Tillamook or seen that brand around here in the Midwest. I found they’re website and couldn’t resist ordering some samples. Also, Beef Flanken Ribs? Don’t see those around here either. From what I can find looks like Flanken is how they are cut. Do you get them ready to go or cut them yourself? Would love to try them. Thanks!
  4. nwdave

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    Saw them in the meat case and since they were on sale, bought a bunch.  Looked them up and now I'm going to smoke some on the road trip.  Will keep you advised.
  5. chef krimlar

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    " Flanken ribs ', to me, may describe the English style of cross-cut of the ribs, favored by the Asian community.

    They can be grilled fast and hot, or braised low and slow.

    Former needs a good marinade, latter needs company to take it Pho.

    Having tried all the items mentioned, I suspect the nuggets are prepped for the item they are to be, as prepared by a conglomerate.

    I also suggest that they are very close to "Kippered " ,as you suspect,since the item "kippered beef stick" has not been sold around here for years.

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