Beef spare ribs and a Pastrami.

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  1. This was by far my best smoke on the electric ECB. I followed some advice from a few good folks here and only used 3 chunks of hickory and 4 charcoal briquettes. Could have stayed on the smoke a little longer, but they sure tasted good.


    Notice the number on the bottom right? That was the outside temp. Nothing a few cold beers couldn't take care of.


    Here's the ribs and brisket point rubbed and ready for the smoke. I never measure or write down the ingredients of my rubs, I just mix together whatever sounds good at the time. I really need to start documenting.[​IMG]

     Here is everything on the smoker. Maintained about 230-240. Used hickory.


    The ribs fresh off. They could have used more time but it was getting late. They tasted darn good anyway.

    Huh? no shots of the pastrami I Guess.


    Here's a cross section. Not too bad.


    This is my youngest chowing down. He enjoys Dads cooking.

    Next time I'll stick to the same temp, wood and charcoal.(The charcoal made a big difference. Never would have thought of using it on an electric smoker)  But I will definitely go another hour or so.

    Time, there's just never enough.

    Thanks for looking. And thanks to all who share their wisdome and experience.

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    Looks great.  The little guy is sure happy with the results!!  I'm the same way -- just mix and match to whatever sounds good.

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