beef roasts

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Original poster
May 15, 2007
I am thinking about smoking up some kind of big beef roast tomorrow. I have not yet bought anything but I was wondeering if anyone has any ideas on certain cuts that would be good and the time they might take to cook. Also how long does a larger pork loin take? Thanks for the help.
you can figure about 1.5 hours/pound for all big cuts. i have done beef shoulder roasts, chuck arm roasts- almost all beef roasts really. they were all good. just pick the size you want/need, and do a search in the "beef" section for what you buy.
hello hello,
depending on whether it rains bt 9am--
im planinng on a small rump roast in the smoker...

i will take to 160f internally......

i havent done much of these--
so i dont have the times as a guide...

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