Beef ribs

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May 13, 2006
North East
I smoked up a small batch of beef ribs. Hand rubbed with my own rub, served with my own Memphis Q sauce.

All sliced and ready to eat <The wife is going crazy and wants to eat soon, I told her I have to take pics for YOU guys> laugh

Here is the low down.. Rubbed the ribs the night before, Smoked the ribs 250 for 3.5 hours, Spraying them with beer every hour, Foiled them and added beer to the package <about 1/4 cup of beer> for 2 hours, Unfoiled them, Smoked them for another 45 minutes at 300 deg to firm them up.

Awesome looking food. I was going to do pork spare ribs this Thursday, may change that to beef ribs, using your cook times. How was the flavor and texture?
Hi Mack.. Texture and taste is great if ya like beef.. very tender no teeth needed, the meet was just about falling off the bone. Before you put the rub on I would suggest rubbing it down with crushed carlic first..<I forgot too on this batch>

Good Luck and if ya need more help.. just call out.


I was wondering what I was going to smoke next weekend...I thik I know now. Cleaning key board as I type.

In the last 45 min. of cooking did you mop with sauce or anything?

Rib look great.
Hi Dale, When I foil them I added the 1/4cup of beer... So when I unfoil I collect the juice that's left in the foil and pour it off to a bowl and skim the fat from the top.. I use that to for the final mopping.

Like I said if you like beef, you'll love these ribs just don't forget the garlic <not powdered garlic>

Let me know how it works for you,

Those ribs look awesome joe :D

i especially liked the super close up 8)

I never tried beef ribs, but it is definitely on my "to do" list.

I may even take my teeth out just to see if you're jiving us :P
Hi Rodger,
The beef ribs are 1/2 the cost of the pork riibs up here.. I figured you would like the close up pic of them. The wife likes the pork ribs better as do I but the beef ribs are a nice change. BTW I'm getting more info on the bacon and curing meats with no nitrates.. Seems very simple ... I'll let ya know when I get just a tad more info.

hi Joe...nice looking ribs!! i was gonna do the pork next weekend. i think i will do a medium rack of pork and a medium rack of beef in the same smoke and compare.
again, great job!!
Nice job there Joe. Nice smoke ring too!
Hi Dutch, I wanted to get a nice close pic to show the smoke ring. I think I accomplished that. I'm onm y way out to get a boston butt or shoulder the wife an I are invited to a neighbors dinner party and they asked me to make some pulled pork. Have you been smoking much lately?

Let's see-last Sunday it was 10 pounds of meatloaf and some smoked taters. Last Thursday the youngest son fired up the smoker and smoked up some Johnsonville Brats (I was stuck at work) and the Sunday before that I did a couple of racks of ribs. I'm averaging about one smoke a week.
Good for you Dutch, I'm 8 hours into a shoulder now and it's hot today .. reached 96 deg. I am trying something new today.. I made some brats with cheddar cheese I'll let ya know how they came out they're also in the smoker along with a few peppers and onions..

Keep Cool,

Well, Joe-I guess it's a good thing that I already had my supper. :D Not really a fan of cheese in my Brats but the kids love 'em.

Real nice looking ribs only question..How much did you have to bribe the butcher to leave some meat on the ribs?...The only beef ribs I can find around here.. are skinned down to the bone and aren't worth the ridiculous price they expect people to pay...

Good job..

Hi Richard, We get our beef from Whole Foods, those ribs cost 1.99 per lb.

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