Beef Hindquarter and the cuts and names of beef

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  1. The various cuts of meat and the location in the Hindquarter

    Most beef has little flecks of fat within the muscles. The term for this is marbling. Marbling is sometimes referred to as the taste fat. When the steak is cooked, marbling melts at that high temperature. This helps to make the beef juicy. Beef with very little marbling is often dry after it is cooked. This is especially true if the steak is cooked a long time. Marbling also gives beef its unique flavor. A good steak has a lot of marbling.

    This beef cut has very little in beef flecks of fat called marbling. Often times the meat will be tough and chewy to eat. Often one will find in a steak like this that it is stringy with sinewy cords running in the meat that will make it an all day chew steak or a bunch of tough fat in your mouth like chewing gum. The color is also not has rosy red like a good quality steak.

    More to come.
    Thomas [​IMG]
  2. morkdach

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    thanks for all help on these cuts & [​IMG]for it
  3. Thank you so much, Your comments are very much appreciated and it made the effort worthwhile.
    Thomas [​IMG]
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    Yes,thank you.Your tutorial,pics etc. and others like pops are great for reference or just plain informative reading.

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    Thanks for the chart and tutorial Thomas...[​IMG]
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    Thanks for the tutorial Thomas - where did you get the chart from? My wife and I teach an advanced cooking class for 4 H kids here in Fallbrook (San Diego) and I would love to get this and use it as a handout for them
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    If you right click on the chart you should be able to "save picture as" to your hard drive and reprint it.
  8. Hello Scarbelly,
    First how did you come up with that name? Hope you weren't taking out a H-Bone and the knife got your belly! LOL
    I found the chart on the Internet and I changed it around a lot to serve my needs. I put in for each section the different cuts of meat. I know that in looking at it there may be a few that I left out. I changed the way the hind quarter showing to a way that it looked when I was tearing down the hind quarter. Like pulling the Sirloin Tip out then separating the Loin from the round and so on. Now days it all comes in boxed in. What some people don't realize is when pulling the tip you have to get it at the right angle or it will take away from both the Round and the Sirloin. Same goes to when you place the knife and start cutting the angle for the Sirloin from the Rump.
    Hope that helps!

    Thomas [​IMG]
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    Thanks - my internet must have been acting wierd - the first time I tried to do that it would not give me that option so I thought it might have been locked down- got it now!

    Scarbelly comes from an operation I had on my honeymoon 25 years ago - long story
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    Great info and in a nice central location. Pnts to ya.
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