Beef fat, baby it's for the dogs!!!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by chef_boy812, Sep 18, 2008.

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    [​IMG] Hey there all,

    I am going to make some all-beef hotdogs, chicago style recipe.

    It calls for rendered beef souit.

    I cannot get souit in my neck of the woods, but I can get the nice chalky clay like fat from the strip loins and rib loins we process at work.

    I rendered some down at work today and came home with a couple of pounds of perfect fat.
    is this close enough to rendered beef souit?

    This is my first emulsified sausage and since the fat is 50% of the meat bill It is pretty important.

    sorry about the lack of q-view on the render, but it was at work. I took some phone picks, I will try and get them up on here as the weiner project unfolds.

    can't wait for more info on my fat problem.
    Thanks y'all[​IMG]
  2. chef_boy812

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    up with the thread for a down load of info.[​IMG]
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    PORK FAT RULES! (I've heard that somewhere before)
    Suit should be available at a butcher or grocery store that processes their own meat. Just call ahead a couple of days and they'll set you up.

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    I am it seems slowly getting everything purchased for my go at hot dogs. I went to a place today for sheep caseings and they were 9.00 for enough to stuff 15 pounds. I will look elsewhere. The recipe I will be doing is 6 pounds venison and four pounds of pork. I did get some replies the last time I posted with ?'s and have to go back to that post to see, but the recipe I was using one of the members recommended more fat which I plan on following. Good Luck with yours.

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