beef eye round

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Jun 6, 2007
new york
hello everyone, i just picked up a 5 lb beef eye round for the this a good cut of meat to smoke and if so can i have a few tips or pointers as to the best way to prepare and smoke it,,,,i hope its going to be good,as i just wanted to try something new
Panhead, the "Eye of Round Roast" is very lean and will tend to dry out on long smokes. Unfortunately, the "eye" can be a bit tough and needs the 'low and slow'. An occasional spray with a mop sauce will help to keep the meat from becoming too dry.

Wrap the roast in a fatty bacon (more fat than lean) and then place it in the smoker. Place a pan underneath the roast to catch the juices that will come out. Smoke for a couple of hours and then place the roast in the pan and cover with foil and return to the smoker. Let it get to about 180* internal temp then remove from the smoker and allow to rest before slicing. Slice as thin as you can get it without the slices falling apart. Strain the fat from the collected meat juices and pour over the sliced roast.

Hey Dutch, that sounds real tasty! I'll have to try that... just so happens I found an eye roast in the freezer yesterday... hmmmm...
sounds great. i may try that myself with a "Pike's Peak" roast I have in the freezer
Iusually smoke chuck roast. Lots of fat. Have done the leaner types before. They do turn out drier but slice up nicely. Good luck and enjoy
I just smoked an eye round last week and it came out great.. I just rubbed the meat with OO and then a dry rub and smoked at 225 till the meat temp hit 140 and then I pulled it and warped it in foil for about 20 min.
In my post you can see the juices that came out of the meat after cutting.. Tender and moist.. I will try the bacon wrap Dutch mentioned next time I smoke one.
it came out great,,a little dry even wrapped in bacon ....but i should have taken it off the smoker at 140 instead of 160....still a tasty piece of meat....sorry i cant post pics ,,i need a new camera
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