beef clod or shoulder looks interesting

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Smoke Blower
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Apr 16, 2006
Northern IL
I was just watching BBQU and I have to say I just saw make a beef Clod. I have to say I have never heard of this cut. When I saw it I liked it. It was very simple and almost looked like a pulled beef. What I am wondering has anyone made one of these and if so how hard is it and what temps do I cook it at for how long. He did at 18lb at about 12-14 hours.

Thanks for any ideas or tips. I am going to see what my local butcher shop would charge this week.
Veener, Check out this link, originally it was done on a WSM but you can adapt it to your smoker. It was smoked with the chamber temps between 240*-255*. Nice pics too!
Smoked Beef Clod (Shoulder)
We've never done an entire sholder/clod but we have done roasts cut from that portion and then pulled or chopped it for sandwiches. I just rub it as I would anything else we smoke and cook it to 180/190 so it'll pull easily. If your butcher can't do the wholesale cut see if he has any roasts from the shoulder and it'll be just as good and cheaper.
Sorry about that Neal- The link is now repaired-enjoy!!!

Well I called my local butcher today on this cut and the first lady I hit had no idea what I was talking about. Then I got the butcher. I was told that was a very rare cut to ask for they lucky if they get asked for it twice a year but they can cut it for me they just have to figure out the price so I will get a call back tomarrow. Also I asked for a smoking brisket becuase their $4 a lb brisket is very lean. Well again I will have to get a call back.

I might try this cut this weekend if the price is right.
All this clod talk makes me want to cook one.

My Texas buddies say they get it all the time.

Veener, I see your No.IL, which means your like me, hard to even find packer cut briskets.

I don't know where exactly you are from (I've been away) but Costco has 8# flats for $2.49#. Pretty good brisket for up here.

Please post your clod results
I think I will try it in a few weeks. I got the call back for brisket and clod it is $1.99 a lb at my local butcher. I guess that is not to bad because when I call it in tomarrow for the brisket It will come right off the cow that day and be ready for me Saturday I hope. My house wants brisket and that is what they will get this weekend.

I know down the road in a week or so I will do the Clod. I want to look a little more on it because I am seeing temps from 145 to 185 to pull the meat out at. So I have to get it down a little more.

I am just glad I was able to talk with my local butcher to get the cost down on meats because they do not have to trim it down as much. Saving $2 a lb on brisket just because they do not have the trim it is kind of sad for the people who do by it trimed.
Veener- The temp at which you pull the clod is really up to you. If you like your roast rare pull it at 145*; if you like it well done then pull it at 185*. Traditionally, clods cooked for 'Que is cooked to 185*.
With a full sized clod, your looking at a roast that can weigh any where from 14-22 lbs. depending on the size of the front quarter. If the clod is rolled and tied properly (see my thread on Sausage stuffed Pork Loin) or stuffed into a mesh string webbing, you can always cut it in half and and smoke it that way or smoke one and freeze the other half for another day.
I cook clod and rolls very often, the cook is pretty much the same as a brisket. Clod or rolls cooked to 145 internal will be tough. I take them to 185 to 190 internal. Wrapping in foil at 165 to 170 internal will cut down cooking time and help retain moisture.
You will find that you will not have the 50% weight loss that you find with brisket which makes this a great cut for vending or catering.
Clod and Roll are both cuts from the chuck section, rolls are even bigger than the clods, can run 22+ pounds.
Jim, Thanks for the reminder tip on wrapping the clods and rolls in aluminum foil.
I've been out of the meatcutting field for about 10 years now and it's amazing how much I've come to fall back on that part of my life especially here at SMF.
Thanks, I think I will do this after next weekend. It sounds like a little but of a chalange. I will just need a lot of foil.
Well change of plans. They did not have a good brisket for me. The one they thought would work was to lean so I will see if they can have a clud ready for me tomarrow. I will cook it till about the 190 like jminion stated. Just wondering two things though. What is the cook time per lb on a clud and is there a good sause for it when you get it on the table?

***Well I have my clod. It is a 16lb one. It looks great. Has a nice fat cap and a nice marble all around. I do not think I will even need a mop. I just have to figure out the cook times. *******

Veener88 mentioned his clod has a good fat cap.

I started a great discussion here a while back on brisket fat cap, when you were the one that taught me about going fat cap down to protect the meat.


Do you also do clods fat cap down?
I normally will remove fat cap off of clods and rolls along with silver skin (that membrane doesn't allow the rub to work on the meat). The first part of the cook you can build good bark and then use foil to keep the large cut moist. Will unfoil (reserve juices) as I get close to target finish temp.

When you pull it add some rub like you would when pulling pork.

Ok I thought you wanted the fat cap to keep the meat moist. To get the rub in I will some times slice the cap to allow the spices to get under the cap. I have to say with a brisket I have never had issues with the meat at the bottom with the fat cap up. Could this differ per the type of smoker? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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