Beef Brisket: The final Frontier lol

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Jul 2, 2007
Well I read every beef brisket threat either linked or connected to this website. And this sunday I decided its Brisket sunday... I think after reading every message I kinda get the jist of what I need to so.

I even aquired a 6lb brisket today, its black angus brisket if that means anything lol... It wasnt cheap... but its going to taste good and I'll wait as long as it takes lol

Now one question comes to mind, what temp should I keep the smoker at? I did smoked pork loin this weekend and I did that at about 200degrees and it turned out fine.

Anyway any suggestions, comments, ideas, I appreciate them all, and this site is so much help... Great job... I need to prep me a rub for friday.. And get me a stainless steel rack for my smoker.

Right now I smoke everything on BBQ rack covered in tin foil and, I noticed the bottoms of what I smoke never get the nice coating, then it dawned on me, flip, flip, flip after reading this site.

I might smoke a chicken, and freeze it to make smoked chicken soup later on this summer..

k - laters
I've benn wanting to try an angus brisket. I bet it comes out good! Start with some brown sugar as your rub base, then you can really add what you want. Salt, pepper, chili powder, cayenne, onion powder, garlic powder, mustard...... the list goes on and on. IMO, I think you should keep your smoker around 225 to 250. Cook it to temperature and not time. If you dont have a thermometer, once a sharp skewer slides into it easily, it's done. You can wrap it and rest it for a while in a cooler. SLice across the grain and enjoy! By the way, we like pics around here!
I have done about 8 briskets to date! The smallest 9lbs largest 14 lbs. My smoker temp stays at 225-235 ideally. Fat cap up 4 hrs flip fat cap down 3hrs flip fat cap up 2 hrs. flip fat cap down 1hr. remove. Each time you flip squirt well with apple juice. Remove let cool slice place in a aluminum foil pan with chicken broth. and place back on smoker or in oven at 225 for 1 hr. This allows the broth to soak in the meat and take flavor from the bark in with it...
K -

Spray the grates with pam or something like it and get rid of the foil. I'll taste alot better! Only use foil when you have too. Just rub the grates with a brass grill brsh while it's still warm and they clean up nicely!

Smoke at about 230°F to 250°F. Do not be surprised if the meat stays at around 160° to 170°F for many hours it happens sometimes just wait it out.

Are you planning to slice or pull this brisket? If slicing cook to an internal temperature of 185°F for thin slices 195°F for thick slices or 205° for pulling.

Rest the meat double wrapped in tin foil for at least an hout two is better in a cooler wrapped in towels or blakets. This will help break down the tough meat and make it juicey and tender.

I do not add any juices at the wrapping stage - some do - some don't.

Save all the juices from the tin foil and pour it on your meat. If find you have alot of left overs and don't know what to do with them make a chilli! It's wonderful! Doesn't matter if it's pulled beef or sliced make chilli!

It also freezes very well. One sandwich size bag holds about 1 lbs. of meat and is a good size for freezing.

Good Luck!
I did a 12 lb. packer brisket from wallyworld this past Friday while up camping. Covered it with Jeff's Naked Rib Rub and put it in about 7:30 am with the fat cap up. It never did get flipped. Right in the middle of the smoke, we get an emergency call concerning my mother-in-law and had to head off down to the hospital 70 miles away. She is getting up in years and isn't doing very well these days. She has live a long (86 yrs) hard life after suffering an anurism 30 years ago. They didn't expect her to make it over 6 months, but being the fighter she is, she is still with us today. They did get her stabilized and she should be going back to the nursing home on Tuesday. As luck would have it, the smoking process was just about done (145 degrees) so I didn't have to explain the loading of the chips. Anyway, the neighors said they would mind the GOSM and hopefully not ruin the brisket. I had cut it in half in order to fit it in the smoker. My son called and said that he was on the way up to the camper so we asked him to mind the smoker (he had never done this before). When the temp hit 165, he foiled both pieces and continued to heat to 195 and then placed in the cooler. We got back about 1 hour after being tossed in the cooler and were ready to sample the brisket. I like to slice the brisket thin and throw in a pot of beef stock and the juices left over from the brisket. Everyone loved the results! I had 2 one gallon zip-lock bags filled with the remaining brisket. I was going to freeze them but was over-ruled. They became lunch the next day. I can't wait to do another.

I do agree with Debi, lose the foil. The taste is so much better. My brother-in-law used to cook hambergers on his grill covered in foil. They tasted like they were pan fried. After trying one without the foil, he was hooked. so much more charcoal flavor.
I have to say I enjoy reading all the tips and ideas, tommorow I'm going collect all my rub ingredients and going to prep all the things I need. I cant wait to smoke this brisket and taste it..

k - laters
Lotta good advise above, BUT...........................
If you want to prepare the VERY BEST brisket ever, go here and follow SmokyOky's instructions - you WILL NOT be disappointed -

Don't take my word, ask anyone who attended the 1st SMF Gathering.

Good luck and ENJOY!
Deb, I tried to leave this one alone, I even told meself to leave it alone when I read your post a couple of days ago; but what can I say- I have to ask (it's that enquiring mind thing), What do you taste like???

Now, please excuse me while I duck and run!!!
Dutch, I am SOOO glad I didn't go there first... I almost did, but decided to behave myself.
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