Beef Back ribs

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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
Smoked some beef back ribs today and WOW did they take a long time! 7 hours at about 190-200* and they could have been on longer. Sorry no pix.
Membrane pulled
Basic light rub put on about 5 hrs before smoke'n
3.5 hrs on smoker bone side down
spritz about twice w/worches, cider vinegar, beer, and water
put in foil for 1hr w/thin bbq sauce - vinegar based + worches
out of foil for 2 hrs basting w/bbq sauce
then back in foil for last 1/2 hr and let rest for 1/2 hr before eating.

Rub and sauce was very good, we liked it alot. Could have cooked for a while longer to make true "fall off bone ribs". They had a nice easy bite, except for "other" membrane, and were very juicy. They just could have been on longer. I didn't want to over do them and pulled them when the meat pulled back from the bone about 1/2" +.

Great taste'n ribs, just not perfect. So darn, I gotta do them again soon

give yourself plenty of time to do this type of rib. Much more meat, a little fatty but not bad, and a nice change from pork ribs.

Hope this helped someone, it helped me.......................drink for 7 hrs
Sounds awesome Al (nice pics ya turd!)
from what i got out of that, the only thing i can see doing different is maybe foiling them for another hour with a liquid, rather than a sauce, they'll steam a little longer giving you the effect your looking for.
thanks for the rundown, gotta try those soon
Didn't use a therm so don't know if there was a plateau. (Didn't know if you were serious talk'n about the meat............or me hitting my "plateau"

The sauce was very thin and beef ribs being so fatty I figured I didn't need much liquid to steam them.

I had done a google search on how to smoke these and a person, who I thought knew what he was doing(and does), said it can take up to 6-8 hours to get them fall off the bone tender.

If I could control my temps better I would have had the temp at about 225 the whole time. But on the traeger I have a choice of 180-205 and then 230-270.

They were good, and my 8 yr old girl(haley) ate them like they were candy. She didn't even sit down(quick dinner of just ribs), she stood over the trash can, ate the meat, dropped the rib and said "NEXT". Kinda funny since she said she was sick of smoked meat all the time.

Anyway, beef ribs are good, but go to your butcher and ask for some real meaty ones. More meat on top of the ribs.
Thanks for the info Big Al. I bought some beef back ribs last weekend and decided this morning that I would try them this weekend. Glad to know ahead of time how long it will take. Never tried them before but they were cheap. Thanks again for the info.
I've done beef ribs many times without using a thermometer. I remove the membrane and as much of the fat as possible (there's plenty still left). Rub it down and into the smoker at 225 - 250 degrees. Last time I did them, I did one small rack the 3-2-1 method, the other I did'nt foil. Both turned out extremely "fall off the bone" tender with the unfoiled a tad drier but still moist. I find the key to good beef ribs is the same with anything else you smoke......low and slow, and spritz with your favorite mop/juice.
Well ya know....beef ribs come off of the prime rib so you know they are very tender and soooo good if done right!
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