beef back ribs

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Original poster
Apr 22, 2007
I've been smoking two racks of beef back ribs with a charcoal/ hickory mix for 4 hrs now at a temp between 250-275 degrees. At this point the temp of the ribs is barely hitting 130 degrees and are still way raw. What am I doing wrong? Or am i just not giving enough time? I'm using a brinkmann smoke n' pit proffesionl with the offset firebox.
I'm not much of a beef rib guy, but are you sure about your smoker temps? I have a smoke n pit professional and the factory thermometer reads a lot hotter than the grate temp.

Is the meat starting to pull back from the end of the bones at all? If so get them in some foil with a little liquid. That will tender them on up.

edit - I have a a Pitmaster Deluxe, but it should be about the same.
No they weren't frozen. I didn't get the deluxe model so I had to purchase my own thermometer. It's made by Grill Care. Maybe that was the problem.
i have the exact smoker and thermo i have to bump mine up because the themomter is much higher than the meat i'm assuming you purchased the thermometer at wally wich means it was dropped about a thousand times and several kids played cath with it for hours i put a COOFE CAN FULL OF WATER ON THE FIREBOX SIDE TO ACT AS A DEFLECTOR /WATER PAN AND WHEN IT BOILS OBVIOSLEY OR HOWEVER ITS SPELLED YOUR PIT STAYS ABOUT 212'F OR SO TRY IT AND SEE IF YOUR WATER STARTS TO BOIL YOU MAY BE AS LOW AS 150-175 AT THE ACUTALLY MEAT AREA is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.