Beautiful Sunday here

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We have dined sufficiently. Didn't get a plated shot, but I promise it had some potato salad and pintos on it along with the brisket.

The InkBird worked great for me. Lasted the entire cook (just under 11 hours with rest) and the app showed that the probe still have a 67% charge. The signal did drop once I wrapped, so I opened the foil up, took out the probe, and stabbed it through the foil and no issues.

I hope everyone has a great week!

I dont think I'd need any sides as good as that brisket looks. Maybe just a slice or two of bread to sob up them juices.

Got up at 4:30, fired up the Weber kettle with a snake, got the brisket on at 6, and now i'm letting a pot of pozole finish simmering for brunch!

Pics later for sure. I may even have a video or 2.

What's everyone else got going on?

Edit to add: I have the InkBird wireless in the brisket as well. This will be the first LONG cook with it. So far so good. It's reading +/- 1 degree with the wired InkBird.
We kept it simple today, I made smash'd onion burgers, Bush baked beans, and locally grown sweet corn on the cob. The corn was HUGE and super sweet, it's amazing what a wet winter does for CA crops. The July corn is going to be KILL'ER this yr.
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