BBQ Weekend

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Joe, it sounds like you had a successful smoke. Now about them pictures-if you need help posting them let us know and will give you a hand.
Hey Earl, It was GREAT.. I followed the direction on uploading the pics and they didn't post .. I did take many pics some step by step pics as well .. I'll try again later posting the pics ..

Smokers rule Others Drool,

Ah HUH, The files are too large... I'll have to wait until my wife comes home she is the computer person of the family.. I know therre is a way to make the files smaller..

This is the Pork Shoulder I smoked for 9 hours, I had the butcher cut it half. LOL, I figured it out.. Hope you all like pics..

The Finished product! This was hand shreaded.. the meat just fell apart!

Awesome Joe. 8) Everything looks fantastic!

Glad you got that picture sizing firgured out. Thanks for sharing. :D
Hi Bob,
The BBQ was great, If we count the 2 vegaterians <that cooked thier veggie burgers on a meat covered grill, I think for flavor .. lol >. that came, In total there were 24 people. I had the smoker going as well as my weber grill. Glad you liked the pics. :)

I bought 5 slabs of pork ribs and trimmed them down to what they call up here St Louis style ribs. I took left over meat and made sasuages about 6 lbs.
Awesome job Joe-Glad you got the pix thing figured out.
All that food looks fantastic! Great job!
HI Dutch, Thanks for the help by the way. The pics are a little LARGE but you sure can see the goodies.. But who knows maybe the large pics will give other newbies some encouragement to try it .. Ya never know. I been smoking for sometime and never used the firebox type smoker so Thanks again for the help.

Smoker's rule Others Drool,

PS My wife did the same thing your wife did, She started eating the bark from the shoulder, thought it was burnt.. I set her straight but she continued to eating the bark just the same.
Joe, you might want to try or for photo hosting and posting. They allow you to post "thumbnail" photos and when the viewer clicks on the thumbnail a new window opens and the view can see the full sized photo. Check out my Smoked Sauage stuffed Pork Loin-there is a lot of thumbnail photos there.
Thanks Dutch, Being raised by an Italian Mom and GrandMom I been making sasuages and cooking from a very early age, I'm 51 now so I been cooking for awhile. I am always inerested in cooking either in the home or smoking .. Thanks again for the help.. I'm to check out your otherpost in the pork section ...

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