BBQ Smoking Tools and Accessories

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Jan 25, 2007
Was thinking about the various clever and innovative "tricks of the trade" that we've learned on the forum. Many come from tools and accessories that you all have suggested. Thought that new or old comers to this wonderful craft might benefit from knowing about things like welders gloves or injectors. But, what are some of the other items that you would not begin a Q without????
But one of the other things i could not start a good smoke would be........a digital cooking thermometer, and the one i use has a alarm. I'll probably be getting one of those that has a seperatel device that i can read it anywhere while i am working aroud the house.

yup, remote thermometer, expanded metal, pam spray (yup...makes clean up a breeze btw), wood chips (duh), and any other cool gadget needed like maybe rib racks etc......
I'd have to say the one "trick of the trade" that benefited me the most is fire management. I started with an ECB bullet charcoal smoker and the firepan
mod was crucial for getting good results. Now I have a CG w/sfb and I added
a charcoal basket and it's much easier to manage the fire. Good therms are a close second, as matter of fact I've finally ordered a Maverick ET-73, should
be here before the weekend.

I broke down and sprung for the wireless remote thermometer. Lady Luck smiled on me and I got one for $14.99 at the local Ace Hardware ( 50% off) I can be working in my basement and see the meat temp on the receiving unit... Cool enough for just the " new toy " factor, let alone how good it works. For what you spend on meat, charcoal, lp, rub, etc I would highly recommend it. Just be careful of the probe part, clean and handle it easy.
I'd say good grabbers!

Tongs, forks whatever you might need for grabbin', placin' and turnin'! Hopefully with a wide opening. I like to use long tongs the best. I think there for salad tossin' or something but there long, big, have wide ends and I bend the ends to hook those slippery briskets, ribs and shoulders so they don't get away fron me!

Turkey lifters.... when I do butts and it's time to foil this makes an easy job of it without having to disturb the bark too much.

Excellent point Go Fish.... I learned that lesson the hard way with alot of hungry family and friends before I figured out it's done when It's done.I still try to estimate, but now know it's just that.... an estimate.

When I asked the question "items that you would not begin a Q without????" I really should have said " things that you find usefull to have or know before you begin a Q". Thanks.
you know, I think the award goes to gofish......that is the BEST first thing to

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