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Discussion in 'Beef' started by hemi, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. hemi

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    A little while back I bought a few whole sirloin tip roasts. They had a outstanding deal on them so I stocked up and put em in the freezer.
    I have never barbecued beef. just pork.. and chicken if that counts.
    I have an offset smoker that I built in the machine shop and it works well
    so far. This beef is just a big ball of meat, pretty lean as far as I can tell
    The questions that I have are- Do I need to cut it in half to make it thinner or just as is? Do I cook it the same as say a pork shoulder? and
    will it make a good bbq beef sandwiches ? Fat content and tenderness
    and so forth. Wife been cuting it up and making stew beef outta it and it seems a waste in some ways. I aim to thaw on of them out twards the end o' the week and put some heat to er' this coming weekend. Hemi..
  2. bassman

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    I haven't done a sirloin tip roast, but I'm sure someone here has and will be by shortly to help you out. I would take it out of the freezer right now and put in the fridge. It may be thawed by the weekend (depending on the size of the roast).
  3. forluvofsmoke

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    Smoke it whole @ 225* to desired internal temp, wrap in foil/towels and rest for slicing. Carry-over heat will bring internals up a bit, so compensate for that.

    If you want to pull it, do like you would a butt, foil @ 160* or so and brase it to 200-205*, then rest a couple hours wrapped up in towels.

    Good luck, and please, post you progress when you get it smoked up.

  4. hemi

    hemi Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks for the quick info. I aim to put it to the fire this weekend and I will mak sure to take some pics of it.. Gotta be better than beef stew .
    Wife does GREAT beef stew but enough is enough.. Hemi..[​IMG]
  5. oneshot

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    LMAO.....[​IMG] But I wouldn't let her hear you say that!!!!![​IMG]

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