BBQ sauce

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Nov 3, 2023
Hey all, hoping I can get some ideas on bbq sauce recipes. I tend to like sweeter stuff like sweet baby rays and love to add some spice to them as well. Not into the mustard based stuff, but love a good huckleberry or blueberry bbq sauce. Really looking for a great go to recipe that I can use for hosting. Thanks for your input!
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Here's one I like...
Sauce recipes are like "belly buttons", "everybody got one"...or not. You can spin yourself in circles creating one. I did, mainly because my wife and I went low carb for a while and still kind of do, but mostly avoid sugar.

Before that, my go to was Sweet baby rays, cut with a healthy amount of cider vinegar and hot sauce like Texas Pete, Crystal, Louisiana, etc. NOT Tabasco or Franks. To me, this makes the perfect sauce. Most bottled BBQ sauce is sickeningly sweet to me, I like the mix of that with the extra heat and vinegar.

I learned this basic "hack" from Wilber Hardee (founder of Hardee's) probably 35 years or so ago. He was trying to upstart a new venture called BBQ USA and I worked for a metal fabricator that made commercial kitchen equipment among other high end stuff. We were designing and test running a custom vertical stainless steel smoker for him.

We were doing a run of whole chickens and bieng from out of town they hadn't brought much of anything with them when they came to test-run the unit. I thought for sure the great Wilber Hardee had a super secret awesome sauce he was going to unveil with no label to protect his intellectual property. Nope, he went to the local Food Lion (Southeastern/Mid-Atlantic grocery chain) and bought some jars of the store brand generic BBQ sauce, a jug of cider vinegar and bottles of store brand hot sauce. Mixed it all together by eye, and you would of thought it was his super secret awesome sauce!
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