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  1. autoferret

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    I'm looking for a recomendation. started searching around a little bit havn't found to much.

    for xmas my mother and father-in-laws gave me 3 lbs of fresh local honey. I'm going to us 2lbs of it for a batch of my Orange Blossem Special ale that i brew when i can find the right honey.

    So i should have like 1/2lb of honey left over and though that a sweet honey bbq sauce was in order.

    I saw the guys recommending Sweet baby rays and i think that i may try that. But i enjoy making from scratch and wanted to see what you guys have like.
  2. 3montes

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    I made some honey/chipolte baby back ribs last fall. It called for a honey/chiplote bbq sauce that I made using fresh Minnesota honey. It turned out awesome. Now when I make ribs it is what gets the most request.
    Here is the link with the recipe. Give it a try I think you will really enjoy it.

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