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Dec 19, 2005
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I have just about every BBQ book there is and have worn out may of them.

I imagine that it will not be long and I will have to put together my Christmas list.

Does nayone have a recommendation for a good BBQ magazine?
I saw a magazine the other day on Coffee and Tea, I have to figure out that if they have enough subscribers for that magazine there just has to be enough regarding BBQ
smoke on the water is fiery-foods the magazine that you have been subsribing to? I am assuming that becasue you have had it for 5 years that it is pretty good.

I will have to add it to my Christmas list

I subscribed to the "Chili Pepper" Magazine 5 years ago. I like it alot. It is published by same people. I think I might subscribe to fiery foods also.
Hey Cheech, sorry I didn't see this message earlier.

I know of 3 publications for BBQ and Competition BBQ news:

The KCBS Bullsheet: comes with a $35/year membership to the KCBS

The National Barbeque News newsletter is $20 per year.

There's a new magazine introduced just last month, called simply "Q". Currently it is only available to NBBQA members, and membership is $50 per year. Hopefully this will be available to the public soon as it looks very good.
I know both of those Pyre, but I don't think it's really what Cheech is looking for. BTW, how the heck you doing, Cheech? Haven't seen you around in a while?

Man, what a money maker for someone with the capital and knowhow - a National monthly magazine on nothing but smoking and grilling! Boy, the vendors would be fighting for ad space!!! I'd subscribe today!

SoFlaQuer I was just thinking I have not heard from you lately either. Things have been busy this time of year.

It seems that when people find out that you make salami from venison ones freezer will overflow with venison.

I think we should find a company and encourage them to write a mag. I would think that with this being such a large hobby someone would like to do it they just need to be encouraged.

Jeff does such a great job on his newsletter maybe he would like to take this on too.
Santa did not drop off a copy of "fiery foods" magazine.

So I guess I will just have to order it. I went to the book store the other day to review it first but they do not even carry it.

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